Some of my sample creations with #Seaglass, #SeaPottery and #Driftwood —-

I am gonna be displaying my creations that I made with things I found on the beaches such as: SeaGlass, SeaPottery and Driftwood, Sea Marbles, etc…..

girl in purple

A girl in a purple dress



A girl in  blue dress




Mom’s Birthday Gift



 A Turtle



clothes line

Clothes Line with a bird


Flower made with driftwood and seashells


Pizza Anyone? 🙂

1382304_1322998871050745_3097264383956934892_n 11017679_1237765399574093_1826696618768097188_n 11057885_1229521423731824_427655374060392680_n 11230587_1237749899575643_8641078991328869701_n 12002853_1237751266242173_3418394705001974565_n 12003902_1237760092907957_2067976322921286622_n 12004713_1237748156242484_4802520893501179934_n 12004872_1237756329575000_6280480098791125701_n 12011163_1237761632907803_6670776172128826414_n 12036423_1237757666241533_9082162907378893666_n 12042904_1237769159573717_1646422241511249020_n big white 5 cross pendant 6 sailboat pendant 8

I would love your feedback on it.. Stay tuned for more cute creations..

I plan on trying my hand at jewelry and windchimes, etc….. I cant wait to get some supplies to start… What are some recommendations on wire and tools to use??!! Every little bit counts!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!! 🙂

Comments are welcomed!

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6 responses to “Some of my sample creations with #Seaglass, #SeaPottery and #Driftwood —-

  1. These are really neat! Love them! So very interesting, thanks for sharing, i am really enjoying seeing all the sea glass.

  2. It would be great to see some wind chimes…looks like you’re on your way to an awesome hobby 🙂

  3. These are so unique and adorable! I think you have found a talent. 🙂

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