My Friend Huggles – Soft Life size dolls

My Friend Huggles Large Doll

My son got Myles the Courageous Hero from My Friend Huggles and absolutely adores him. It’s just like him having a friend over, this doll is life-size and truly is a great companion. Myles measures 34″ tall and is part of the special edition collection! The only male doll so far!!! These dolls are designed to inspires positive and creative minds. With it’s removable/interchangeable clothing, this is perfect for children learning to dress and undress by themselves!!!


Each doll has a satin ribbon on their back with a cute little note explaining the quality of your doll.. Best of all it’s in English and French..



They are great quality and definitely  worth the money to see those smiles on your children’s faces. With such a wide variety, there’s definitely something for every child!

He really is the perfect bed time companion. For ages 3 and up. Collect them all 

Use the code 202021 and you will receive 20% off your order!!!!


Visit there WEBSITE to find all the dolls and accessories that My Friend Huggles has to offer.

My Friend Huggles Facebook Page

My Friend Huggles Instagram Account



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36 responses to “My Friend Huggles – Soft Life size dolls

  1. I love these dolls, they remind me of the ones I had when I was young, they were the same size as I was…lol and to win one of these for my granddaughter would be awesome!!

  2. Karen C. Hill

    These are so cute! I love the message they help to reinforce with children too

  3. i have a niece that would love this

  4. They are soooooo huggable!!!!

  5. Amanda Neilson

    My daughter LOVES her little Huggles doll Kira. They have such a great message with each of the huggable dolls!


    These are very nice and different from what you normally see, my Marissa would love to have one

  7. barbara langley

    I love the dolls. They are very well done with children in mind! I think my grandson would love one!

  8. Angela Mitchell

    I’ve seen these dolls and they are really cute, simple and their size really makes them exciting for my daughter.

  9. Audrey Skinner

    I love these dolls for the message they portray plus they are so cute.

  10. I like because they are so large just like a friend for a child. I like that they are a safe toy.

  11. I think this doll would make a great gift for a little one… What a sweet little friend to have around! 🙂

  12. i like them because they are such a huggable size and they are so cute!

  13. I like them because they are life size and cute to!

  14. These are just to cute! I would love this for my grandaughter these are perfect for pretending to have a sister or just a friend when you need them!

  15. These dolls are just awesome! I’m so glad they have one boy doll – hopefully they will make a few more 😉

  16. these dolls are adorable.. huge & totally huggable.. like my girl.. lots thanks.

  17. Love these dolls. They look like they’d make an excellent body pillow for Children. Would love to see larger selection of male ones.

  18. I love these dolls because mkids love snuggling and it would give them someone to snuggle with at bedtime.

  19. I love these dolls because they are all different in their own way….my great-niece would love this doll….

  20. Maureen Anderson

    My little grandaughter would love this!

  21. Would be a wonderful doll for my step granddaughter Such a huggable doll!

  22. I like these dolls because they look great for my kids to cuddle with

  23. Genevieve Estadt

    My grandson would love absolutely love a new best friend.

  24. That’s one big doll. I think that I’d jump out of my bed if I felt that beside me. My kids on the otherhand would love it!

    Besos Sarah.

  25. I like that you can get accessories and blankets for them.

  26. My girls would love these cute dolls.

  27. i like they are so big, they are cute

  28. Huggles – Lily doll has been my daughter’s constant companion! 🙂 Hope to add Mia and Bia to the collection soon.

  29. A best friend for any little person!!

  30. would be a treasured pal , fun to play with

  31. i like all the acessories, like clothes, blankets and the babies.

  32. They look great for cuddling!

  33. would be a great bedtime doll to snugglw

  34. I love that they are so tall, life size to children. Great safe toy.

  35. My daughter would love this because it’s the same size as her!!

  36. i like that they have such an appeal for the kids. They are big and cuddly!

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