SmartKlean Laundry Ball – The all-natural way to wash your clothes

If you know us then you know about my son’s sensitive skin and all the issues he’s had. When we find all-natural products and they will save us money, then you know that we are gonna jump on it. This is exactly what these SmartKlean products are all about… Keeping you, your family and the environment safe at a fraction of the cost…


It just makes sense to make the switch. I still find our clothes come out clean and fresh. I really like the stain remover also, as it works without all the chemicals that most companies put in their products to remove stains.


The true test for me was when I did a load of towels and was ready to hang them out to dry. Now, if you have ever line dried towels (or any clothes) without fabric softener, you just know how stiff they can be, especially when it comes time to dry yourself. Not with the SmartKlean laundry ball, they were surprisingly soft!!! I love this company and their products. I suggest you try them for yourself to prove how awesome their products work.


The ball lasts for about 365 uses (1 load of clothes per day for A YEAR). The ball does need to be placed in the sun once a month to regenerate the pellets but hey, that’s not hard is it? hehe ūüôā ¬†Yay for eco-friendly!¬†SmartKlean is so confident that this product will be for you, that they even offer a 100% guarantee.

I absolutely love that it is¬†hypoallergenic, ¬†non-toxic and leaves no residue of harsh chemicals on your clothes¬†. The only concern one of my family members had was¬†the price. I told them “You pay $45+ shipping but if you do the math, we would spend that much on detergents and fabric softeners, etc… in about 3 months” this ball can last you way over a year.. It just makes sense to purchase this ball…

To find out more information on this product, please visit their:


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