Last Minute Easter Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Easter is in 5 more sleeps. It feels like we lost a week since last Easter! Is it just us?


Here or there, its Easter. Yay!

To be honest, it totally caught us off guard so we’ve decided to make a list of last-minute Easter gift ideas. Don’t worry if you’re in the same situation as us, life is busy these days!


We try to stay away from the sugar filled treats but we do slip in a few less sugary treats. What’s Easter without candy and chocolate to hunt?

Now for some ideas:

• Rubber Boots (It is Spring after all)
• Splash Suits (For rainy day play)
• Skipping Ropes
• Bouncy Balls
• Bubbles
• Chalk
• Basket Ball Net & Ball
• Baseball Stuff
• Pogo Sticks
• Kites
• Outer Wear
• Spring Clothes
• Easter Themed Dancing Bears
• Fruit Snacks (For Hiding)
• PEEPS Marshmallows
• Goldfish Snacks
• Toy cars
• Coloring Books
• Reading Books
• Craft Supplies
• Treat Bag Toys (For Hiding)
• Movies

We hope that these ideas will help you from having to rack your brain for last-minute Easter gift ideas.


Have a safe and happy Easter 🙂

Comments are welcomed!

Holly & Jay

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