Keeping up with #BBCAN3


Guess what today is??? March 23rd but more importantly it’s the first day of Big Brother Canada 3… Woot Woot!!! Who else is as excited about this then I am??? Starting at 9ET. March 23rd, 2015


big bro

I have watched it since season 1 (for Canada). I seen a few of the American ones but I am really rooting for the Canadian one!!!.. I watched all the ones for Canada so far and I get excited every year when it comes on..

Last year I got into the live feeds.. Uh-oh lol.. Does anyone else know how time-consuming that was?? I loved every minute of it though but it did take over a huge part of my life lol sitting here for hours watching them and all their conniving 🙂 (not in a creepy way either haha more like a “oh yah I get to hear things we’ll never see on tv and best of all its FREE…

Also you get to get in on some of the decision-making as they have the online game that you can play and accumulate points and such.. Check it out HERE



1st two up on the block  – Sindy and Risha
1st POV –Bobby, Kevin, Zack and Naeha
Puzzle – Giant foam pieces to make a V for Veto

Winner of the 1st POV challenge is: Sindy


We get to vote who is evicted!!! I voted for PILAR

Who did you vote for?

So what I plan to do this year is just keep tabs on everything, make predictions, (Possibly) give spoilers, depending if you guys want them or not  🙂 and overall just meet new BBCAN fans 🙂 So stay tuned tonight after the show for my tweets and updated blog post…

Happy 1st day of BBCAN3 🙂


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2 responses to “Keeping up with #BBCAN3

  1. I am certainly looking forward to it this year. I love Big Brother!

  2. yay!!!!Only 15 more mins until it starts 🙂 cant wait to hear all of your predictions as well!!!!

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