Bird Nest Cookies #HJrecipes

We are getting ready for Easter here and did a little baking.. We made these cute little “bird nest” cookies and thought they were just the cutest things… Best of all the kiddies can help out too.


Using the basic recipe for Frogs or Macaroons (whatever you call them) you can turn them into cute little treats that everyone will enjoy.. If you need the Frog recipe, it can be found HERE

  • The only other ingredients that I needed was some Eggies (mini eggs)
  • some coconut
  • food coloring
  • and a little icing (to keep it all together).


We started by dividing the coconuts into 4 different batch and added a little food coloring of our choice to each, mix them together good then added them to a non-stick frying pan and toasted them a little so they weren’t so wet (from the food coloring).

Next- once the Frogs are cooled and non-sticky anymore, you can then press your thumb down into the Frog to make it look like a nest..

Then add a little icing to the bottom and around the top and dip it in the coconut color of your choice… I added a little icing to the bottom of the eggies and then stuck them inside the “nest”..

And voilà you have a sweet little treat for over the Easter Holidays or even to celebrate SPRING 🙂 (even though most of us are still covered in snow)



ENJOY and please let us know what you think, We love hearing our readers’ stories!!!!

Comments are welcomed!

Holly & Jay

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