Gluten Free Chinese Macaroni‏ #HJrecipes

This recipe is pretty simple to make and it really doesn’t take much time, making a great dish for when you’re in a rush.






• 1/2 a box of gluten-free Catelli macaroni
• 1/4 of a green pepper
• 1/4 of a red pepper
• 1/4 of a yellow pepper
• 1 stalk of green onions
• 1/4 of a yellow onion
• 1/4 cup of frozen corn
• 1/4 cup of frozen peas
• oil for sautéing
• VH gluten-free soya sauce
• garlic powder (optional)


We suggest chopping your vegetables that you want to sauté before doing anything else.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the macaroni until tender. We usually try for the 5 minute mark so that it’s a bit chewy. While you wait for the pasta, place the vegetables in a frying pan and sauté them in the oil until they’re tender. Strain the macaroni and add to the frying pan with the vegetables. Mix well. Add the amount of soya sauce you think fits and sprinkle with garlic powder. Allow the to sauté for a minute or so and serve.



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