DuraForce By Kyocera Mobile

We are extremely excited about introducing you all to an amazing product that was launched this past November and is now available in Canada exclusively from Bell Mobility. Yay!

This awesome product has even been tested by Bear Grylls himself and the name of it is the DuraForce cell phone by Kyocera Communications.


We’re sure you remember the mishaps that we had with our old cell phone. Well guess what? No more worries! The DuraForce is army drop test certified and is certified for use in hazardous work environments. Seriously wicked!

Some really cool things about this phone include:

• Water proof. (can be submerged up to 1.8 meters for up to 30 minutes)

• Dust proof

•  Military Standard 810G Protection against dust, shock, vibration, extreme temperature, blowing rain, low pressure/high altitudes, solar radiation, salt fog & humidity.

• Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 operating system

• Snapdragon 400 with 1.4 GHz Quad-Core CPU

• 16 GB of ROM

• External microSD slot supports

32 GB cards

• 4.5″ 720p HD  impact resistant screen that can be used with gloves, wet hands and even when the screen is wet.

Are you not seriously amazed already? We sure are and to make you even more amazed you should totally check out Bear Grylls doing his review as he is the official product tester for the Duraforce. You can find his test video here:



One very, very cool thing with this phone is the Push-To-Talk feature which allows you to program the Push-To-Talk button on the side of the phone to make calls at the push of a button just like a walkie-talkie! You can also program other tasks to the button other than calls.

We also like the fact that this phone has a flash. This is really great for pictures with low lighting. The many apps that are pre-installed are great too, like a notepad and OfficeSuite which are great for writing with, typing really but you get the idea. This comes in very handy for a quick reminder, list or even a blog post. We’re enjoying what we’ve come across so far and can’t wait to see what else we can do with this phone besides all the cool things we already know that is.


The screen resolution is nice and bright as well as easy to see (font size) and the audio output is nice and clear too. Like most cell phones, the DuraForce has the apps most people use such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many more that are easy to install using Google Play which is great for those of us that blog or do business while mobile! Another great thing is the predictive text which is definitely a time saver.

The DuraForce retails for $449.95 at bell.ca (QC) without a contract. Prices may vary depending on your location.

For more information about Kyocera Mobile and their products please visit their website HERE.

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*Disclosure: We (Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom) received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally and believe will be good for our readers.

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4 responses to “DuraForce By Kyocera Mobile

  1. This sounds like a great phone for my hubby, he is a mechanic and on weekends he is a tow truck driver, so he is a little rough on his phones, this one would I hope take all his punishment..lol

  2. This sounds like a great rugged phone with being waterproof and being drop certified.

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