Preparations For A Pancreatic-Kidney Transplant

It’s been awhile since I’ve (J) written about my Chronic Kidney Disease. Life has become extremely busy for me in the last while. The little one started swimming lessons as well as going to school. I still attend dialysis treatment 3 times a week for 4 hrs every time but as we speak or type in this case, I’m currently going through the screening process for a double transplant (pancreatic-kidney transplant).

This involves an appointment on every day that I have free time other than Sunday. Sunday is my resting day for now. While it does take a lot of my time running to appointments, dialysis, lessons and school I couldn’t be happier that I’ll have my life back and that I’ll be able to go swimming and sliding with the little one. Things that I can’t do now.


Unfortunately, all this running costs a lot of money on gas as we live 40 minutes away from my dialysis and 20 minutes away from my appointments. This is making it very difficult to save up money for my meeting with the doctors in Montréal as well as the money needed for my stay in Montréal after the surgeries.


I’ve decided to create a page on YouCaring for donations should anyone like to assist. The money raised will be deposited into a savings account to assist with travel expenses to and from Montréal for my transplants.


If you would like to make a donation you may do so


I’d like to say thank-you in advance to anyone who kindly helps make this surgery possible. My family is forever grateful!

Comments are welcomed!

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2 responses to “Preparations For A Pancreatic-Kidney Transplant

  1. Good Luck in your journey and wishing you all the best!! hope everything goes well for you!! 🙂

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