Simple Treat for the kids! !!!!Pudding Cookies!!! #HJrecipes

The other day I got this awesome idea where I would try to put some pudding in the freezer to see how it would turn out… Well I was quite surprised with the outcome and decided to do something fun with them… I had some smarties kicking around so I decided that they would be my decorations but you can easily use sprinkles for the same effect 🙂 (Its on my next grocery list)


So I totally forgot to take a picture before I put them in the freezer but it’s so simple and the kids can even help!!!. Just spoon them onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and decorate as you please!!!!



And this was after they came out.. They pop right off the parchment paper so easily…


I love that they freeze enough to keep from but when you bite into them it’s kind of soft… I made these 9 “pudding cookies” from 2 little containers that you would buy in the packs at the store.. And you can store them in air tight containers in the freezer for at least a good month!!!

They are a quick and less messy option to eating pudding with a spoon 🙂 And the kids just love them!!!!


Please feel free to Share this quick tip and Let us know if you tried it!! 🙂

Comments are welcomed!

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