My Journey With Chronic Kidney Disease


What is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) also known as Chronic Renal Disease? This disease occurs when the kidneys lose function at a progressive rate, usually over a period of months or years. It’s diagnosed when someone is being screened for it especially people who have diabetes as our kidneys are one of the organs that diabetes attacks.


Kidneys are a huge factor in a humans well being because they filter the toxins from our blood. A big problem for those of us suffering from CKD is potassium which can cause you to have a heart attack if there’s too much in your blood. Phosphorus which causes brittle bones as it sucks the calcium out of our bones when we are dialyzed and of course sodium AKA salt which causes us to retain water and it dehydrates the kidneys. All food contains these minerals and can’t always be avoided, however there are many foods that are very high in them and MUST be avoided. There’s a lot of delicious food that we’re unable to eat because of this!


There is hope with kidney transplants and thankfully for those of us with diabetes a pancreatic-kidney transplant. It’s a long grueling process with dialysis treatment and the numerous different tests and meetings for the screening process of a transplant and sometimes we have problems, rightly so, and we feel like throwing in the towel. I hate to say it but these are times when we need encouragement. While it may seem that we have it easy sitting in a chair for 4 hours a day for 3 days a week, we don’t! We feel completely drained somewhat like having the flu. We’re extremely hungry, sore and tired. We get migraines that last for days. We also have palpitations and often suffer from blood pressure drops. We may not show how horrible we feel but on a daily basis we feel like crap. Some days worse than others.

With the screening process taking place for my transplants I’m extremely overwhelmed by the thought of it all and I imagine that I’ll more than likely be a basket case by the time the surgery actually takes place but until then I’m keeping my head up and my thoughts positive that I’ll be able to live a normal life without all the health problems.

☆ This is my journey with Chronic Kidney Disease; Jay

*We are not professionals. This information is solely based on personal experiences and training from Dialysis nurses.

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  1. …God Bless !!!

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