Christmas Made Magical

What makes Christmas magical? Being surrounded by family,

watching the little ones excitedly make a mess ripping wrapping paper from presents and the joys of giving always come to mind. Another thing that comes to mind are friends. Ones that we don’t get to see due to distance and ones that are no longer with us to celebrate but the ones that have really made an impression on our minds and in our hearts this year are ones that we’ve never met in real life (IRL)!


This year has been fairly rough on us, you can read more about that here. With all the ups and downs comes a lot of stress and that’s not exactly helpful when it comes to being joyous about Christmas. Two very sweet friends of ours whom we haven’t met in real life made Christmas magical and less stressful. See, most of our extra cash goes towards gas to get to and from dialysis three times a week so our budget was a bit tighter this year. We had enough gifts for the little one to still make for a magical Christmas but these two wonderful woman still sent out gifts for him.




We honestly can’t express how much our computer friends and their kind & generous hearts mean to us. In all of our life we’ve NEVER met people who are so nice. We are more than happy to call them friends and we’re extremely grateful to be blessed with such wonderful people in our lives! We can’t thank you enough Cathy Thinking Out Loud & Journeys Of The Zoo. Thank-you for a Christmas made magical!




Check out our other post about the awesome things these folks have done for us here.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts

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2 responses to “Christmas Made Magical

  1. The saying “giving is better than receiving” is so true. Thank you so much for letting me give.

    I’m so happy that you had a wonderful holiday. Not only because of the gifts but also because of all the things that can’t be bought like friendship.

    Here’s to 2015 and Paying it Forward.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself! Your friendship and kindness mean the world to us and we truly are blessed to have met such amazing people 🙂 We’ll definitely be paying forward and thinking of your inspiration when we do! Happy Holidays ~J~

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