Stocking up without the use of coupons

Saving money without using coupons and still stocking up on foods/products is what this post will be about. Don’t get me wrong, we still use the occasional coupons but we are definitely not into it like we used to be.


We came up with a list of ways that we are still saving money. 

1. Buy produce when its a low price/on sale. Like the other day we bought celery that was on sale for $0.88 each. I never seen it so low I’m such a long time, that i knew we had to stock up. It goes well in the freezer and I was able to make a few pre-made dishes that are ready to go. I don’t think they have coupons for fresh produce as much as the other food products, so this was a big score for us.. For $8.88 I bought 10 stocks of celery!!! awesome!!!!

2. Buy product with the 50% stickers. Typically one of the major items we like to get half price is the bread. At superstore they have a section with breads and other items that they are trying to get rid of and its usually a great price. I have bought my bread like this for the last 2 years now and not once have I had a problem. I even seen sometimes in the 50% off section items that weren’t even close to expiring, so it’s definitely worth checking it out.


3. Hit up the “locally grown” store. In our town where we do groceries there is a store that gets locally grown produce and they always have awesome deals. It’s typically the first place we stop at when doing groceries. And you will also be supporting local farmers which is great.

4. Get our meat from the local butcher, its much cheaper than buying it in town. Of course we always keep an eye open in town just because the odd time one of the stores will have big things of chicken on sale for a great price. Like 6 breasts for $7 is great, it is also a good time to stock up. Make sure when you come home to put them each in bags as I’ve wasted much chicken in the past by leaving it all in the same pack and having to thaw it all and not use it.

5. Always keep in mind when buying food “Leftovers”  We love leftovers and even aim to make sure we have some with each meal. It’s a great way to have a complete meal the next day without having all the cooking to do.

6. Scanning code of practice. This is a great way to get items for free or $10 taken off the product. If you do not know what SCOP is, please read our post about it HERE.

7. Rainchecks. Most people don’t think to get rain checks on items that are on sale in the flyer and that the store ran out of. If its’ a good price, we get as many rainchecks as we can. Then we can go in when it’s not on sale and you know its stocked up, cash in your rainchecks.

8. No boxed foods. Its better to buy fresh foods and make your own meals. Your money goes further.. The $3-$5 you spend could make many meals if you buy smart!!!

9. Make your own coffee at home.. If you total all the coffees you buy in a month, I bet it’s a lot compared to 1 big can of coffee that could last you the month.

10. Pre-Made Freezer foods are a great way to cut your grocery bill down.. If you make it a habit to have a menu plan each week, it will cut down your costs a lot. You will know exactly what you will need for that week and won’t be spending money where you don’t need to.


Well there you have it, our 10 ways that we know will save you money on that grocery bill and you don’t even have to fight with anyone about coupons.

If you have any other ideas or tips we would love for you to share them with us. We love hearing all the different solutions from everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope that you will subscribe to our newsletter at the top left of the page…

We will definitely have more money-saving tips!! Stay tuned…

Comments are welcomed!

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10 responses to “Stocking up without the use of coupons

  1. Looking forward to more!!

  2. Rhonda Langille

    This is a great blog ! I use a lot of these ideas, along with coupons ! Thanks !

  3. Lots of great tips, although I pride myself on getting some real good deals I haven’t yet prepared meals for the freezer

  4. Great tips!! I like to use coupons here and there but I find that I end up loosing them, forgetting about them and I don’t have the time or patience to sit and coupon and find the best deals!

  5. Thanks for all the tips, I find we are not using as many coupons anymore either. They are either hard to find or they are printables which I have had nothing but issues with trying to redeem them. When we find a great buy we always stock up!

  6. great info , we too used a lot of coupons in the past but its a lot of work and planning i dont always have time for , we use a lot of your ideas already but there is a couple tips there I can put to good use

  7. another great way is to use point systems out there. I always fill up the car when it’s 15xs at Canadian tire, take full advantage of the 20xs the point even at shoppers drug mart, I’ve gotten lots of free things from buggies/pampers point systems. Then you can redeem for items you don’t want to pay full price for 🙂

  8. The 50% off bread is exceptionally great if that brand happens to be on sale that week as well; sometimes you can get bread for $1.00 a loaf! Watch the bonus offers on pc-plus at Superstore, price match at the store, and remember to use any coupons you might have. The points add up quickly – I plan to just save points until I have enough for a whole month of free groceries – but I will still be price-matching then!!

    Also, for shoppers drug mart, they offer the weekly 20% discount on regular price items to seniors (55 and over). Their milk is the same price as the grocery store, so I buy it at Shoppers instead on Thursdays! If you are lucky enough to find some milk with their quick-sale discount stickers, you get 20% off if its regular price, and then the discount sticker. I have managed to buy 2 L of milk for $0.19 a few times!!

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