My Angels My Friends (Dialysis Update)




It’s going on 4 weeks since my diagnosis of kidney failure and it hasn’t been easy. The travel is a lot for an adult let alone a child but we’re managing and things are slowly falling into place. There’s still quite a bit for me to learn but with the help of many people, I’m getting there! Eating properly isn’t that hard either even though it does sometimes include repetitive meals & food the routine is easier to follow this way.

I recently found out that the Nepherologist thinks that something else may have been the cause of such a drastic change in my kidney function and tests regarding inflammatory diseases such as Lupus have come back negative which I’m thankful for. Now I wait for other results that will determine whether or not I’ll need a kidney biopsy. Fingers crossed that this can be reversed!




Speaking of those many people who are helping and have helped. I’ve been on Twitter for well over a year and I’ve met many amazing people that I consider friends. Every day I had encouraging messages and notifications that totally helped lift my spirits from these friends but what I didn’t expect was the spirit lifting I would receive in the mail! My friends at PTPA Media Inc. signed a get well card with sweet messages of encouragement and my Kick-Ass blogger friends got together and sent out a signed card as well. I didn’t really want to bring this up but the reason I wanted to mention them is not only because of their warm thoughts but also because of their generous hearts. See, they all got together to help with some of the financial costs of being a dialysis patient on top of the worries while I was in the hospital for the month of August which I am eternally grateful for. I could never thank them enough so I’m putting it out there for the world to see.




I believe that people come into our lives for a reason and that angels walk amoung us and I have truly found my angels, my friends. If you happen to read this, know that I will always have a place in my heart for you guys. YOU are the meaning of true friends!

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4 responses to “My Angels My Friends (Dialysis Update)

  1. Prayers to you and the family for a healthy outcome. Strength comes from within yourself and others. All our paths have bumps and detours in them. Sounds like your learning how to get back on the straightaway. Keep pushing back you’ll be unstoppable then!

  2. Awe that’s not good to hear! Thinking of you and sending strength and positive thoughts!!

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