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My Angels My Friends (Dialysis Update)




It’s going on 4 weeks since my diagnosis of kidney failure and it hasn’t been easy. The travel is a lot for an adult let alone a child but we’re managing and things are slowly falling into place. There’s still quite a bit for me to learn but with the help of many people, I’m getting there! Eating properly isn’t that hard either even though it does sometimes include repetitive meals & food the routine is easier to follow this way.

I recently found out that the Nepherologist thinks that something else may have been the cause of such a drastic change in my kidney function and tests regarding inflammatory diseases such as Lupus have come back negative which I’m thankful for. Now I wait for other results that will determine whether or not I’ll need a kidney biopsy. Fingers crossed that this can be reversed!




Speaking of those many people who are helping and have helped. I’ve been on Twitter for well over a year and I’ve met many amazing people that I consider friends. Every day I had encouraging messages and notifications that totally helped lift my spirits from these friends but what I didn’t expect was the spirit lifting I would receive in the mail! My friends at PTPA Media Inc. signed a get well card with sweet messages of encouragement and my Kick-Ass blogger friends got together and sent out a signed card as well. I didn’t really want to bring this up but the reason I wanted to mention them is not only because of their warm thoughts but also because of their generous hearts. See, they all got together to help with some of the financial costs of being a dialysis patient on top of the worries while I was in the hospital for the month of August which I am eternally grateful for. I could never thank them enough so I’m putting it out there for the world to see.




I believe that people come into our lives for a reason and that angels walk amoung us and I have truly found my angels, my friends. If you happen to read this, know that I will always have a place in my heart for you guys. YOU are the meaning of true friends!

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Bao Smoothies Review


Have you ever tried something for the first time thinking WOW for something that’s healthy this tastes amazing? We have and it’s hard to believe that we hadn’t tried these types of things before! We’re talking about Bao Smoothies by Delice Foods.



These deliciously healthy smoothies are the first line of smoothies from Delice Foods that have paired the Baobab Superfruit from Africa’s “Tree Of Life” the Baobab tree with 100% natural exotic fruit purees and concentrates.

They contain NO: Preservatives, Dairy, Artificial colors Or Artificial flavours


The fflavourswe were sent included:
Pinapple + Coconut
Acerola + Guava
Mangosteen + Passionfruit

Some of these fruits we’ve never heard of which made us even more excited to try them out and to our surprise, we loved the taste of them! It goes to say that you’ll never know if you don’t TRY!



One of the best parts about these smoothies is the healthiness of them. They’re high in Antioxidants like vitamin C and packed with fiber as well as many of the nutrients we need to live long healthy lives. With the many health problems in our house, it’s definitely a product worth adding to our diets!

All-in-all, we really enjoyed these drinks and think that they’re going to make a great healthy addition to our lives and recommend trying them. Drink them as they are or add them to your own smoothie mixture for an exotic kick!

For more information about Bao Smoothies and where to find them please visit their website:

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Disclosure: We received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally and believe will be good for our readers.

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Matt & Steve’s – The Extreme Bean

Matt & Steve have created this delicious rimmer to enhance and compliment the flavors of Ceasars or Bloody Mary’s with just the right amount of spice & bite. We don’t drink often but when we do, we love having a few Caesars. We think that $5.00 is an amazing price for this product. It’s definitely worth the money if you’re looking for a tasty rimmer for your drinks. Look no further! Make your online purchase today by visiting HERE. Bloody Caesars/Mary glass rimmer makes approximately 50 rims and sells for $5.00 each ( 150g)


Canadians, Matt Larochelle and Steve McVickers have been the co-founders of the Extreme Bean for over 10 years. They met during their bar tending days and wanted better garnishes for the cocktails aside from the plain celery stick. Instead of using a typical green bean from a local grocer they found a unique bean that grows longer, sweeter and crunchier known as the Kentucky flat bean.




They also have another delicious product called B’nOlive which is a giant olive stuffed with the Extreme Bean. So yummy! They even give you a yummy “All-Canadian” Extreme Bean Caesar recipe that’s a must try!


The Extreme Bean, sweet and savory, is so good that if you like bread & butter pickles you’ll fall in love with them. These beans have a huge crunch and bold flavors. We promise you’ll love them! And don’t worry if you don’t drink, Extreme Beans are also great for snacking. At least we think so. We can’t pick a favorite as they’re all delicious!


The three flavors available are:

• Hot & Spicy

• Garlic & Dill

• Sweet & Savory


These are all yummy products that you must try. You seriously won’t regret it!


To find out more about The Extreme Bean products or to place an order please visit:






Disclosure: We received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally and believe will be good for our readers.

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Pediped Shoe Review

Today I’ll be talking about these neat shoes that we are currently reviewing from Pediped footwear called the Flex Orion and the color is called Ocean. With my first-born starting school this year, it can get very stressful on momma but with the help of Pediped his shoes will be one less worry on my mind.




It has a fun and quirky style, just like our son’s and is designed for little feet. Orion ocean has ULT (Ultra Light Technology) that has been specially designed to fit kid’s feet in all activities while staying as light as air. Also allowing for natural movement and maximum flexibility. Which is great for kid’s who are into sports!


These sneakers are perfect because he’s always on the go and because they also have a breathable mesh on the upper area that will keep their feet cool and heel cushioning to protect against impact. We really love how light-weight they are as that weight could be causing problems with his growing/forming little feet plus who needs extra weight to carry around? Faux laces and velcro enclosure with a flexible rubber grip and Phylon sole




One of the awesome things that I want to mention is their Flex Fit system. They provide additional insoles that can be inserted for a snug fit and that can be removed for extra room as your child’s feet grow. These insoles can reduce a shoe size in almost half a size, extending the life of the shoe. That’s totally saving money!

Did you know: These shoes are machine washable and water safe? They are! And they’ve been approved by The American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development.


Over all, we think that they’re well worth the $55.00 sales price. These are stylish, comfortable and high quality sneakers that we just can’t wait for our little man to show off to his new school. We know they’ll make him some friends ’cause they’re cool!


We would highly recommended you trying them for your children. With great selections and prices we’re sure you’ll find something for even the fussiest feet! And just as they say; “This is the next best thing to bare feet”.


To find out more information on this and other great Pepiped footwear, please visit:

  1. Website
  2. Facebook



Disclosure: We received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally and believe will be good for our readers.

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Renal Diet Friendly Recipes

Being on a renal diet is pretty bland unless you know what’s allowed and what isn’t. Having a Celiac diet as well as a Diabetic one on top of the renal diet makes it even more difficult to know what you can eat and unfortunately it’s a rare case to have all three health problems so finding any information on the foods allowed for these diets is slim to none!


Thankfully I’ve found a site that is specifically for Diabetes and Dialysis that has recipes for sauces, deserts, meals and more. While they aren’t gluten-free they definitely can be altered to fit our needs! Seeing as I’m having such a hard time finding proper information for simple meals that are safe for my multiple restrictions that I would share this lovely site to take a little stress out of the lives of others with such rare cases.

You can find this awesome site here.

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Counting Sheep Helps You Sleep

It’s no surprise that we love our coffee. You could practically say that it’s a lifeline, lol. The coffee machine is the first thing we turn on in the morning sometimes even before we turn on the lights. From dusk ’till dawn you can bet that you can find coffee in the pot.



When it comes time for bed we don’t usually have a problem falling asleep with the amount of caffeine coursing through our veins but we do occasionally have a hard time falling asleep early because of it!




Recently we came across a gourmet coffee that’s decaffeinated and blended with a natural herbal sedative by the name of Counting Sheep Coffee that’s great for helping with those hard nights. This coffee is tasty and actually helps us wind down at the end of the day. To be honest, we weren’t sure what to think before trying it as decaf really isn’t a taste of ours. Low and behold, we love this coffee as it doesn’t taste like the other decaffeinated coffees we’ve tasted. We love the fact that we can enjoy one of our favourite beverages before bed without being up all night because of it. We also love the fact that Counting Sheep Coffee has met the approval of The Dragon’s Den. Which totally deserves a huge congrats for such an awesome achievement!



This delicious coffee is available in two different blends Lights Out and Forty Winks. They’re available ground for those of us with coffee machines as well as in “k-cups” for those with the newer versions of coffee percolator. The bags sell for $13.99 and the cups sell for $14.99 CDN (Amazon).



Being coffee lovers we definitely recommend trying this delicious brand which is a great beverage to serve with dessert, for a morning treat, a bedtime sleep aid or any other time of day beverage.

For more information about Counting Sheep Coffee please visit their website.





Disclosure: We received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally and believe will be good for our readers.

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The Tone Poet by Mark Rickert Review

A symphonic poem is a piece of music (orchestral) that plays in a continuous movement and helps illustrate or set the mood a poem, short story, novel or other non-musical piece. And a tone poet is the artist who writes or composes this music.


Now when it comes to books I have to be intrigued within the first 2-3 pages of it or I’m not going to read it and The Tone Poet by Mark Rickert  has definitely done the job of keeping my attention, seriously! It’s one of those books that you can’t wait to see what the next chapter will bring and that you really don’t want to put down.




Cameron Blake was only 6 years old when he was a in a car accident in which both his parents and his brother lost there lives. Cameron was brought back from the dead but not before hearing the astral music. Music that greets the dead. This music haunts him and hard as he try to get it down on paper, it seems to quickly disappear from his mind.


Blake eventually meets someone who thinks that they can help him with the music but he soon realizes that there are consequences for messing with things that shouldn’t be. He’s already using the occupants of the town of Holloway to feed the demons that have been born from the discord of their lives. The orchestra however is prepared to sacrifice Cameron to gain the ultimate composition!


I truly enjoyed the way this story been written and can’t wait to read the sequels to it. Mark Rickert has done a phenomenal job at keeping me entertained as a reader and definitely left gripping my book until the end.


You can download the first 11 chapters for FREE at BQB Publishing  to get a little taste of this authors work. The full book will be available October 29th, 2014. Be sure to pre-order from  or to receive a special introductory price.


Disclosure: We received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally and believe will be good for our readers.

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