So Cool Kids – Surf Sand Soap #SmellsLikeTheBeach —

Surf Sand Soap #SmellsLikeTheBeach




Now I am not one for bar soap and I’ll say that right from the start. I find it leaves your skin and the water filmy feeling, also I find it tends to dry out our skin. Until Now that it :). We recently had the chance to review some great bar soap from SoCoolKids. It retails for about $7.00 but it really is worth it and the smell is to die for!!! We just love it! I even put a bar of it in our closet so every time we open the door, that’s what we smell!


Surf Sand Soap is gentle enough to use for daily cleansing and has some natural exfoliant in it called SAND :). I absolutely love all the natural ingredients in this bar of soap.. And here’s the real test, my son doesn’t itch like crazy when he gets out of the tub.. Typically we gotta be careful which products we get for him with his sensitive skin.

This bar soap contains absolutely NO:

Synthetic dyes
Synthetic Fragrances

Which means it great for all skin types.

I also love these  t-shirts they sent us. All cotton, Pre-Shrunk and very comfortable to wear. You can purchase these as well from their website..


For more information on this and other great products from SoCoolKids, please visit:



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19 responses to “So Cool Kids – Surf Sand Soap #SmellsLikeTheBeach —

  1. Renee Vanderkuip

    All natural

  2. I love that this soap is great for all skin types, and I do not use bar soap either because of the filmy feeling, I like to feel clean after showering, this is a soap I could use though, and if it’s anything like my hubby’s soap which also has sand in it and smells so great, he is a mechanic and the soap he uses works amazing, I would totally love this, thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love that it’s paraben free! Breast cancer runs in my family along with a few other cancers, and parabens have been linked to breast cancer, so it’s great that it doesnt have any. I also love how its made with all natural ingredients! Sand is a great exfoliator, and I would love to try this!

  4. I love that it doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances and yet smells like the beach. I’ve been watching the ingredients in products that my family puts on their skin so this soap is great!

  5. I like that it is paraben free as there are many studies that say it is a cancer causing agent.

  6. I love that Surf Sand Soap is synthetic fragrance free.I am dying to try this soap to see how lovely it smells and hope I can win some.

  7. I love that it’s paraben free , and it smells like the beach!!

  8. no synthetic crap:)

  9. I love that SoCoolKids offers natural products.

  10. Love that it is natural and any kid should smell better if it is like the beach!

  11. I love that there is absolutely NO: Parabens, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic Fragrances

  12. I love that SoCoolKids offers natural products

  13. I love that it is all natural and does not contain Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances or Synthetic Dyes.

  14. I love that their products are gluten free.

  15. Such interesting products. Beach soap???=awesome!!!

  16. Heather Smith-Hudson

    It uses a natural exfoliant

  17. Angela Mitchell

    I like that they don’t use any parabens or synthetic dyes or fragrances.

  18. I love that it does not have synthetic dyes or fragrances~

  19. Robyn Bellefleur

    I love that it doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances and yet smells like the beach.

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