50 Disposable vinyl gloves by Clean ones

They are 100% latex-free and also completely free of  any odors. Clean ones disposable gloves are perfectly safe for food handling as well. This comes in handy for food allergies and contamination. You won’t have to worry either because they are high quality gloves that can handle light-to medium jobs.


I love that they are form-fitting. It definitely makes things easier and more comfortable. They also come in a one-size fits all format. Each glove is lightly powdered and are extra-length, so there’s less chance of anything wet and icky getting in lol.


I must say that they are great for jobs such as: cleaning, food handling, arts & crafts, dying your hair, throwing out the litter or garbage and the list just goes on.. It just makes sense to own a pair 🙂 Trust me.

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31 responses to “50 Disposable vinyl gloves by Clean ones

  1. I would use these when cleaning out the cat’s litter box.

  2. perfect for cleaning the turtle aquarium

  3. I’d use them when I’m getting my bulk meat purchases ready to freeze.

  4. I would mainly use these in the kitchen for mixing hamburg for meatloaf and patties, and for baking!

  5. These would be great for cleaning the bathroom

  6. I think I would use these for handling meat, and cleaning projects

  7. I would use these gloves when washing my dishes as they get very dry and sore.

  8. Barry Bluestein

    I would use these when making my homemade pizza dough and pizzas, and when preparing fowl and meat dishes.

  9. I would use them when cutting or working with raw meat, like when making meatloaf etc.They would be awesome.Thanks.

  10. I want to check these out

  11. Excellent for everyday cleaning anywhere home, outside and vehicle!! My favorite and thanks for introducing them to me!!
    Regards, Alicia-:)

  12. I like the fact that they are longer. When I do the dishes, my hands still get wet!

  13. perfect because I have very sensitive skin!

  14. Susanne McCarthy

    These would come in handy…cleaning the bathroom ;( Protect my hands from harsh cleaners!

  15. I would use them indoors and outdoors for different chores!

  16. These would be perfect for decorating – when I use DAP and paint

  17. I would use them to clean the bathroom

  18. I really need to use these! I never wear gloves when cleaning the tub etc…
    via Rhonda W G.

  19. I would love to use this in the washroom!

  20. I love that they are completely free of any odors..I would use these all the time,for washing dishes,and ohter household tasks.

  21. I would use them to clean the toilet.

  22. virginia boudreau

    I love how many uses I could get out of these gloves:sanitary handling of meat and fish,cleaning icky areas of the house (toilet,bath), cleaning the reptiles’ aquariums safely, refilling my printer’s ink cartridges (my hands are dyed multi-color as we speak), the list could go on and on so we’ll just say I love them!

  23. I love that they are safe for handling food and are odor free

  24. I would use them for colouring my hair, household tasks and washing dishes!

  25. I love that these gloves are meant to be long lasting.

  26. Love that they are odor free

  27. I love that they are biodegradable

  28. Odour free and biodegradable, that’s what I like

  29. marg (Joy Shop on Facebook)

    I too like the biodegradable factor. There’s too much already in landfill sites. I would use them for cleaning an outside door. These gloves will last and not fall apart.

  30. Angela Mitchell

    I like that these gloves are BPA free.

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