Gluten Free Foods In Canada

GF In Canada

Reading labels can be very difficult when you have impatient kids with you at the grocery store. We’ve decided to make those trips a little less stressful for those suffering from Celiac by creating a list of companies that make gluten-free products that people may or may not know of.

These include:

Campbell’s Canada

CheeCha Puffs

Maple Leaf Foods: Natural Selections

Chapmans Canada

Conagra Foods Canada

Dare Foods Canada

Gaspesien Meats

Frito/Lay Canada

Old Dutch Chips

J.M. Smuckers Canada: I’ve been told by the company that these products do not contain gluten but have not received verification testing. If there is wheat/gluten present it will be listed in the ingredients.

  • Carnation Milk
  • Bicks Pickles
  • Folgers Coffee
  • Smuckers Jams & Fruit Spreads
  • Eagle Brand Milk

Renée’s Salad Dressing 


Shneiders Country Naturals

Cattle Boyz Sauce


We’ll continue to update this post as we come across other brands and companies. If you happen to know of any that we haven’t mentioned feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Please keep them Canadian or available in Canada.

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4 responses to “Gluten Free Foods In Canada

  1. Thanks for all the links! I will pass them on to a couple of friends who have celiac disease.

  2. Debbie Bashford

    Thanks, this list will be passed on to a friend

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