Fundraising With Applicause

Living with diseases that require constant monitoring isn’t easy. Especially when you have to make sure you have your medical equipment, medications and extra snacks with you at all times! Where do you store everything? In a bulky back pack? No! You carry it in a brown bag from Applicause.

What or who is Applicause? Well, they’re an amazing company who primarily work with charities, organizations, families and individuals who have a cause that they need support of and visibility for. We love that 25% of campaign sales go to the charity/fundraiser and that the proceeds can be donated to a charity on the Applicause site as well.


Applicause personalizes, produces and ships their products which include durable appliques that are dishwasher, microwave and water safe. The messenger brown bag. The classic brown bag and the classic+versa brown bag.

The Classic+Versa pockets features are:

  •  6 elasticized bands that hold epipens, inhalers, pill sorters and other medical devices as well as travel accessories such as toothbrushes, tooth pastes, creams and more. This part of the bag is detachable.
  • Large pocket which holds snacks, bigger medication, drinks, ipads, books, wipes and much more.
  • 6 zippered compartments including one for cutlery.

This bag sells for $32 CDN and is very roomy with accordion like expansion. We really love that these bags are made with Eco-friendly PEVA lining and that they’re BPA/lead-free. Their sticker packages are available for $7 which includes 32 personalized stickers as well as a $12 package that comes with cutlery, lock & lock containers and a stainless steel water bottle. These items can be added to any order.



Whether you’re looking to raise money for a well-known charity, an individual in the community or an event, this company is definitely here to help. These are also great for the lunches at school. We absolutely love the charitable idea behind this product and this company and totally recommend taking your fundraising projects to them.

For more information about Applicause please visit their

Disclosure: We received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally and believe will be good for our readers

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3 responses to “Fundraising With Applicause

  1. I love this idea too, I am reading more about it on their website!

  2. I love when organizations have charitable ideas within their products.

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