Ways to earn FREE Perks or Money online!! #FreePerks #MakeMoney

Here’s a list of ways that I make a few bucks or earn Free perks online. It doesn’t make me rich by no means, but eventually it does add up 🙂 Feel free to join today so you can start making some money too!! 🙂

They are all 100% legit. I have made money/earned perks from all of them.

Klout (Get Free Perks for interacting with others)

ChickAdvisor (You can Review products they send you)

BzzAgent (Get free perks)

LegerWeb (answer surveys to make money)

Checkout 51 (get paid when you buy certain items) (We do our shopping in NB, therefore our receipts are acceptable 🙂

There are many others but since I live in Quebec a lot of them are not available to us 😦 but you can bet that the above ones are (with the exception of Checkout 51)

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4 responses to “Ways to earn FREE Perks or Money online!! #FreePerks #MakeMoney

  1. I love all of them except LegerWeb. I’m not big on doing surveys for money. i find it takes foreber. Another good one is Influenster.

  2. Thanks for all the great tips! Always looking to save money!!

  3. It is always fun making money or earning rewards without having to do a lot of work. Thanks for the list.

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