Mother Hen Organic Baby food #Review (Guest-post from Melissa Fowers)


Mother Hen Organic Baby Food is gluten-free, No added sugar or salt and best of all it is a homemade recipe. This product is also Peanut free which makes it safe to bring around other children with possible nut allergies, which is so important at a young age.
It comes in many flavors and varieties available in the frozen section of the baby food aisle. (I located mine at Shoppers drug mart).
The 3 flavors my daughter and day care child tried were:
  • Strained Apples and Prunes Puree
  • Strained Mango’s Puree
  • Strained Carrots Puree
My daughter loved the Apples and prunes puree. My day care child loved the carrots puree however I personally found the mango was more sweet. (Yes i tried them too!)
Each Box contains 6 ml cups and must remain frozen.
Preparing this baby food is very simple and quick. There are two options:
  1. Double Boiler: empty contents of cup in top part of a double boiler and thaw (This way takes 4 – 5 minutes)
  2. Or by Microwave: Remove cover head on defrost for 1 minute, stir.

I choose to use the microwave option which I found extremely easy and fast. It also did not make the food too hot. As a mother of two and a day care provider of 3 I would definitely use this product over and over again as the baby’s loved it, It is organic, healthy and easy to prepare. I also love that it is gluten-free making it gentle on baby’s tummy and safe for children with gluten intolerance.

This baby food is more expensive than other options however I definitely felt the positives (Organic, gluten-free,no added sugar and salt) outweighed the extra cost for sure.

I would highly recommend this product to other parents out there wanting to feed their baby the best 🙂

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5 responses to “Mother Hen Organic Baby food #Review (Guest-post from Melissa Fowers)

  1. I love how it’s organize, fresh for my child

  2. It’s organic!

  3. Dianne Melnick

    that it is organic 🙂

  4. stephen gordon

    It’s Organic.

  5. Chandra Christine O'Connor

    my daughter would have gone through 3 or more of those things her appetite was crazy. I had to make it. she ate well.

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