How do you #Herbamare challenge from Avogel.

How do you #Herbamare challenge,…

A.vogel has created a delicious, natural fine sea salt infused with organic fresh herbs and vegetables. You may be asking yourself what is the difference between table salt and Sea salt?
The short answer is the chemical processing that it undergoes. Basically all of the nutrients from table salt get eliminated with the purification phase.

Herbamare is also fresh and organic which is something important to us and is loaded with minerals. I love that it comes in a ready to use shaker which is soo convenient and it makes foe a non-mess. Herbamare is GMO & MSG free. I really love that it doesn’t leave you feeling full, tired and disgusted after your meals like salt does.

Aviary Photo_130455782127232228

Herbamare’s mixture includes 12 freshly harvested organically grown herbs and vegetables. Its delicious taste will definitely enhance any recipe ..

Here is how we have decided to do our 30-day challenge.

Starting June 1st, this family will put away the salt shakers and bring out the Herbamare. We’ll share photos and recipes with you all and would LOVE your feedback on everything. So join us on our little journey to eating healthier 🙂

Day #1 – Breakfast (egg omelet)

Photo Collage Maker_FMucC3

 Day 2 – Supper (potatoes)



Day 4 – Supper (Roast Pork)


Day 7 – Lunch (Homemade Pizza & Garlic Fingers)




Day 10 – (Homemade Chicken Stock)

Photo Collage Maker_RhNjwW


Day 14 – Homemade Soup with our Broth and Herbamare of course 🙂



It’s sad to say that our Herbamare challenge with has come to an end but our healthy eating habits have not. Admittedly, we feel better knowing that we’re making a better choice with this product and are happy to recommend it.
We had a blast sharing our creations with you and even more so eating them, lol. A huge thank-you to A .Vogel for allowing us to be a part of this tasty & healthy challenge and for helping us see that Herbamare can be used in any dish at all.


Disclosure: We received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we’ve used personally, and believe will be good for our readers.



9 responses to “How do you #Herbamare challenge from Avogel.

  1. Just to give some of my input on this wonderfully healthy product I have been using for several years. It enhances flavors and final taste to any dish beside soups you make. It is a great salt alternative to use for anyone.

    • Thanks for your input 🙂 I’ve personally been using Herabamare for the past 6-8 months since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease as well as the fact that it’s healthier for the renal failure I suffer from. I’ve used it in many other recipes as well as for marinades and spices which we will be sharing over the next 27 days of the challenge 🙂 ~J~

  2. R.D.Elaine Scharfe

    I have to give up salt and this looks like it would give me even more of the flavour I need!! Thank You For Reviewing!

  3. I can’t wait to read your progress on the challenge!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I am trying to cut back on salt and looking for alternatives.

    • Keep in mind that Herbamare is made with vegetable infused sea salt. It’s still a salt. The best one in your case would be the sodium free. These are great products that I’m sure you’ll like 🙂 ~J~

  5. I often use sea salt instead of table salt, but I haven’t tried any of the flavoured or coloured salts.

  6. We use the epicure salt substitutes on our foods and my kids love them on their veggies! These look good too though!

  7. Debbie Bashford

    I grew up with no salt on the table, and I almost never use it to this day, The only thing I put salt on is french toast.

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