Eartha Gets Well book #Review

Every parent has had a moment when their child refused to eat something and vegetables are usually the case! Eartha Gets Well is a story about a little girl who doesn’t like eating vegetables and would rather fill up on ice cream and candies. The foods that aren’t so healthy for us! After arguing with her mother about eating her veggies Eartha starts to fall asleep at the table only to find that the vegetables have come to life to explain how important they are for her to eat. Soon she sees how plants and animals are effected by “pollutants” and not exercising!


Eartha and her mother take a walk and have a discussion with a farmer where she realizes that one person can make a small difference but it takes everyone doing “small parts” that will make a big difference!

We love that this story teaches kids about being healthy as a person, as an animal and also as the environment. It even teaches them what recycling means and what recycled materials are used for! It’s definitely worth reading to kids 🙂

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10 responses to “Eartha Gets Well book #Review

  1. Treen Goodwin

    This is a great book . thanks for sharing , my grandson would like this book 🙂

  2. Jeff Skidmore

    My niece loves it when I read this book to her!

  3. Sherry Altoft

    Always looking for awesome books to read to my grandyummies 🙂

  4. My youngest grandchildren would love this book. Thank You!! 🙂

  5. This looks like a great book for little kids! My son likes potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower and fruit. It could be worse lol. Maybe this book will encourage him 🙂

  6. I think my son would love this book. My son will only eat raw veggies, which isn’t bad but really funny! 🙂

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