How to tackle that To-Do-List #OrganizationTips

This is strictly my own opinions and experiences and I am by no means any kind of professional!


You should sit down one day and start yourself a To-Do-list. Make it a list of things (big or small) that need to get done in your life and add to it as often as you find something new. Then everyday pick a handful (3-4 things depending on you and which ones are most convenient for that day) of chores from the big list that you will be adding to your Today’s-List. 


Now we have made a separate list called Today’s To-Do-List which is the list that we make sure is completely crossed off at the end of the day. Pretty simple so far? So you make a big list of things that have to get done, than daily pick a few from that list that you WILL get done for that day and add it to the Today’s List, then crossed them off your big list. I find it keeps us motivated to keep crossing things off as we see our huge list getting smaller and smaller with the days that go by.


I think it’s kind of fun because everyday I get to choose what I want to do rather than just raffling my brain trying to think of everything that needs to get done.



I am very curious to hear if YOU have any organizational tips of your own to share? Please leave your answers below!!!


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5 responses to “How to tackle that To-Do-List #OrganizationTips

  1. Working on that right now *sigh*..I make lists upon lists…it’s exhausting….LOL

  2. I make lists too, but I have the darnest time keeping up with them or at the last second, I will decide to do something else. It all gets done eventually! 🙂

  3. Jeff Skidmore

    Thanks for the great hints!

  4. I make lists too or I will forget.

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