Langmobile Review

Living in Canada we see diverse races, religions and all together spectacular cultures that truly make it an amazing country! And with these intriguing cultures come the many amazing languages that some of us would absolutely love to learn how to speak and some of us absolutely need to conquer in order to survive in the society that we live! French (hubby) is a language that I personally would love to know how to speak and understand and is now a language our son must learn in order to manage in a French community and province.We see soooo many applications, commercials and “Teach-Yourself” audio recordings but how many of these are actually helpful to an adult let alone a kid?  Seriously, some make you feel like you’re being taught by someone that is no better off than the one learning!  So, where does a Parent turn for a trustworthy learning experience that also has the entertainment factor that’ll keep their children amused? Langmobile of course!
Langmobile is an amazing company that offers quality workshops for kids with high standards and quality! Their workshops meet the needs of the parent, child and Daycare as a Day Camp with workshops in yoga  and music. English, Italian, French and Spanish classes and even Saturday classes!

Some of the awesome activities for the young ones, and to help the Parents do their day to day thing, include:

  • after school activities
  • preschool activities
  • day camps
  • specialized services to CPE
  • private Daycares!

We love that their mission is to enrich the quality of life for children of all ages by providing programming and workshops designed to learn different languages and that these woman actually have an educated/educating background. As parents who want their child to grow up educated, it gives us peace of mind knowing that this company is focused with the hands on approach, which is the best for kids. In our eye’s anyways!

Recently Langmobile decided to expand their outreach to people and parents on-the-go. Access lessons while out and about, with a Download-able app which is available for a very low price through Google Play  and iTunes

The app. includes fun songs, printable activities and word tables that are a great way to incorporate interactive “hands-on” learning experiences that you and your children will carry for life!

If you’d like to learn more about Langmobile and their amazing products and services please visit their Website



Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

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6 responses to “Langmobile Review

  1. It definitely sounds like it makes it easier to learn a language. Very innovative. I also think it is important to learn languages so you communicate with a wide variety of people.

  2. My kids speak English and Spanish and know a fair amount of French. I would love to give them the opportunity to learn more about the French language and culture.

    Thanks for posting this giveaway to my weekly giveaway linky (

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. Langmobile is a great place for kids to start learning English!

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