Go Brush Review

Keeping your teeth clean can be a task when you’re out and about. Yes, gum helps. But what happens when you run out of gum and have no water available for your toothbrush?
Go Brush is an amazing company in the US that has created an Eco-friendly, water-less toothbrush that doesn’t use toothpaste and is made from the root of the Arak tree. Known as ‘Miswak’ , this root has been used as nature’s toothbrush for more than 7000 years!

This astonishing “tree” helps:

  • Kill bacteria that causes gum disease
  • Fight plaque
  • Reduce tooth decay
  • Whiten teeth
  • Freshen breath
And is recommended by the World Health Organization!

We love that this product is derived from nature and has the same benefits as a toothbrush! We also think it’s pretty cool that it looks like the branch of a tree. Naturally designed 🙂 Each Go Brush allows for 20 brushes and is simply “changed” by cutting the old bristles.


Each brush sells for roughly $5 USD. The part that really touches our hearts and makes us want to buy cases full, is that for every brush sold one is donated to a homeless person. We absolutely adore companies that help those in need as everyone has a “Down & Out” moment at least once in their life and Go Brush is one of these companies!

Whether you’re out camping, hanging out at a weekend-long concert, taking a road trip or just out having coffee. Go Brush is a must have, is small enough to slip into your pocket or purse and has a great minty taste! Definitely worth checking out 🙂


For more information about this awesome product please visit their: Website

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

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3 responses to “Go Brush Review

  1. Shannon Gnocato

    These seem totally cool. It’s so hard to look after everything on the go all the time!

  2. never heard of this but what a great product! And it’s fun, my son would love to brush with a stick!

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