St-Patrick’s Day Fun #StPatricksDay #PlayDoh

St-Patrick’s Day Fun

Well today is very cold and windy so we had to stay entertained inside and I am happy to say that our friends at Play-doh have helped with the boredom 🙂 Seeing as it’s St-Patrick’s Day as well, I thought I would do a little nail art with some play dough seeing as we were not able to make my son anything green for today as we lack some food coloring :S (horrible I know lol)….

Now those who know me, know that I chew my nails and that they are very short!!  (I know, very nasty habit) but aren’t these kinda cute??

 I decided to make myself some St-Patty’s Day Nails~~~


**What do you guys think? lol (please don’t be too harsh 😉


Disclosure**This post was in no way sponsored by play-doh, we just chose to mention them and give them credit.

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9 responses to “St-Patrick’s Day Fun #StPatricksDay #PlayDoh

  1. it’s actually pretty cute, and from the picture it looks like nail polish lol, I used to do the same thing with my girls

  2. That looks like fun and something for the whole family lol. My son still likes to eat playdough and throw it on the floor.

  3. wish play-doh was around when i was a child

  4. Great idea; honestly never would have thought of doing that with play doh. Will definitely do this with my granddaughter when she’s a bit older.

  5. Play-doh nails is not something I would have thought of. Very creative!

  6. my kids love play-doh and use it daily. I love the nails lol =)

  7. So creative with the nails haha!

  8. Play doh is so fun, and non toxic too!

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