2014 Sno-Fest (NB) #WinterFun

One of the things that we like about this time of year is of course Roll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons and the fun Winter celebrations that they have in New Brunswick which is a hop, skip and a jump away from us. This celebration is known as Sno-Fest and is also celebrated in other parts of Canada.


It’s a wonderful event when the locals enjoy festivities that celebrate Winter and the fun activities of the season. They have everything you can imagine, from horse drawn sleigh rides to dog sledding and numerous other snowy activities like sliding down a designated snow blown mountain, snowmobiling and ice sculpting. We didn’t hit the outdoor activities as it wasn’t something we planned for. Instead we enjoyed watching the little ones have their faces painted and make crafts. The lovely folks from Sobeys were there to decorate cookies with the kids as well as supplying hot chocolate for the little ones and pop for the adults. We love that our local Sobeys supports all the family events in our area as we’ve come to know the staff by name and because they’re so friendly and awesome 🙂


Our little guy also got the cutest “monkey hanging from a palm tree” balloon animal from the very creative clown who was there. This made for a wonderfully entertaining Saturday afternoon which ended with a walk in the woods in search of bunnies. To end the day perfectly we packed the kids back into the car, stopped by Tims for hot drinks and parked by the riverside for a firework show.

 Despite my dislike of the cold, these types of activities make it more enjoyable, are a great way to spend quality time with the family and are completely free, minus the gas and coffee 😉

*Ps, the wife lost her cell phone that same day and there was pictures of the kids with their balloons and faces all painted but unfortunately she didn’t get them on the computer before loosing the cell :S

**Does your community do anything to help sway those Winter blues?

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3 responses to “2014 Sno-Fest (NB) #WinterFun

  1. My community has a few skating parties during the winter which are great family fun. There’s always hot chocolate and a fire going, which everyone seems to enjoy.

    • We have an outdoor rink with free skating sometimes. Don’t recall any hot chocolate though 😦 It’s something every community should do throughout the Winter. Not only does it help sway those long days but it also brings the community together and keeps the kids out of trouble 🙂 ~J~

  2. We have snofest- There is sledding, pancake breakfasts, chili dinners, bingo, swimming, skating lol. Something for everyone!

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