#BeatTheFlu challenge from A.Vogel- Completed

We’re rounding the end of our 30 day blogger challenge with A.Vogel and we must say that we’re very impressed with not only ourselves for actually completing the challenge from beginning to end but also with A.Vogel for delivering a product that works and actually doesn’t taste bad πŸ™‚




We’re definitely believers now and will be adding EchinaForce to the grocery list. We’ve spotted this product at Shoppers Drug Mart the last time we were there and we’ll definitely be on the lookout at other stores!


2 (1)


We’ve had many opportunities to get sick this past month as some people we know don’t know how to stay away when they’re sick. [Giggles.] Thanks to EchinaForce and A.Vogel we were able to #BeatTheFlu πŸ™‚


6 responses to “#BeatTheFlu challenge from A.Vogel- Completed

  1. Have not tried their products yet. The Hot Drink looks interesting.

  2. I didn’t know they made tea! I am glad it works. My mom needs something like that except she is allergic to echanacea. I have heard many good things about vogel products though!

  3. always wondered if this worked, thanks for the review, will be looking for some next year when flu season strikes!

  4. Would love to try this, I am currently sick in June!!

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