Pinata Review from Birthday In A Box

We received this awesome piñata to review from a company called Birthday In A Box for my son’s 4th birthday. This is a simple, multifunctional piñata that can be used with whatever theme you are going with really but we are reviewing the Super Mario Bros one and I must say that it was a hit with the young kids. They were so excited and couldn’t wait to let the candy fall. I love how it brought back memories from when I was younger and playing the game 🙂


 You can do it 2 ways, first by pulling the strings that are attached to the bottom of the piñata OR you could get a stick and let the kids work a little for their candy 😀 We chose the string method as we thought it would be safer for the kids and the house 😉 hehe. We also added a little more candy to it just because of the amount of kids and how small they are were. The candy that comes with it is more suitable for kids 7-8ish and older. Mine were aged 1-5 but they all still very much enjoyed it.

    • Kit Includes:
    • 1 Super Mario Bros Mylar 18″ Balloon
    • 1 Pull String Blank Pinata
    • 1 Bag Pinata Filler
    • 1 Pinata Blindfold
You blow up the balloon then add it on the piñata 🙂 it’s so simple. And being as busy as I was this kit sure did come in handy!

Like this Pinata??? This kit can be purchased HERE

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

6 responses to “Pinata Review from Birthday In A Box

  1. What an interesting company! It sounds like a lot of fun for kids. I never had a pinata as a kid but i will definitely keep this in my mind for my son.

  2. great company! your pinata looks like it’s a pretty good size too and I’m glad the kids loved it!!

  3. If you are ordering from Canada (or other countries), don’t waste your time with Birthday In A Box. It has been 15 days (11 business days) since I placed my order – and it still hasn’t arrived. The stated 8-day delivery guarantee doesn’t apply if there are “customs delays” – which means that if your package goes through customs (i.e. if it is shipped outside of the US), there is no guarantee at all. I have since discovered that local companies have similar (and often better) products and prices – cheaper shipping, and actual delivery time guarantees.

    • Sorry for the issues you had with the company Katie. We think customs are usually a problem for those of us in Canada ordering from other countries as well sometimes but it doesn’t always happen. There’ve been many times that I’ve been contacted by customs to verify packages as well causing delays. In a case like this we suggest you contact the company on the 9th day depending where it is coming from, to see what’s going on. As you said, there are also companies in Canada who have similar products available. ~J~

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