Our Tips to Make Money

  1. We do online survey’s for a few extra bucks (Legerweb is my fav)
  2. Recycle our cans and bottles. Even the ones we see on the side of the road (no shame hehe, $0.05 adds up) and you are also helping the environment at the same time.
  3. Have Yard Sales
  4. Sell berries in the summer
  5. Grow a garden and sell the extra veggies
  6. Make crafts and sell them (requires some skills hehe)
  7. Shovel for neighbours and friends in the winter
  8. Mow the grass/yard work for others in the summer
  9. Cleaning Houses
  10. Babysitting once in awhile
  11. In the summer I take over the Avon for my mom while she’s away!

What are some things you do to Make some extra cash???

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12 responses to “Our Tips to Make Money

  1. I keep my eye out for quality items that will resell quickly, from garage sales to goodwill stores.

  2. Awesome tips!!! I already do a few of these so Yay me!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  3. Shannon Gnocato

    I used to throw all my bottles etc. in the recycle bin and a short while ago I started collecting them all up and turning them in. So much of what we buy now comes in recycleable containers – it adds up over time.

  4. Barter – Always a great way of saving money.

    Product Discounts on Damaged Items: ( Re: packaging/missing buttons etc.) You can ask for a reduced price on items and they will most likely give it to you – Stores would rather sell at a reduced rate than not at all

    Do your laundry on weekends and holidays and every day after 7pm..Hydro rates are cheaper

    Going to a softball game? Fishing at the local conservation area? Always pack an extra cooler of water, pop, juice etc. – There are always folks who stay longer than they had planned and get thirsty & hungry. You can sell those extra provisions cheaper than what the vending machines do and make a profit at the same time!

  5. I do online surveys, never tried Legerweb though.

    • Legerweb is the best survey site out there in our opinion! We’ve made a few hundred dollars over the years and constantly get surveys that we actually qualify for. Unlike some sites where you have to meet the criteria in order to answer the survey. The surveys from Legerweb are catered to you so that you aren’t refused half way through! Definitely our favourite survey site 🙂 ~J~

  6. Great ideas for saving money! Love it all!

  7. I coupon to save money! I also love to enter contests to win gift cards and merchandise that will save me money.

  8. Thanks this is a great list of ideas! I also use survey sites, my fave are survey savvy and survey lion. I also do swagbucks, and of course selling things on kijiji.

  9. my fave are survey savvy

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