Candy Meister’s – Aseli Marshmallows Review


Being a candy addict I’m always on the lookout for gluten-free sweets. One of the amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past, Candy Meister, has created NEW deliciously cute marshmallow products known as Aseli Marshmallows. These tasty treats come as assorted mice, large bears and an animal mixture in the flavors of strawberry, lemon, peach, pear and caramel. 



They sell for $3.18 a bag and can be purchased online at Candy Meister’s Store. These are absolutely adorable and would be perfect to decorate the sides of a cake or simply to put on the top of a cupcake and they’re soft like a marshmallow too! The best part is that they’re all natural, gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free 🙂 


The big yellow bear is coming out soon 🙂

 This is definitely a company that’s worth getting acquainted with. They’re products are absolutely delicious and I can’t wait for the day that they expand nation wide!


Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

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54 responses to “Candy Meister’s – Aseli Marshmallows Review

  1. I like marshmallow treats, I’m not to sure about the mice but I like the bear he’s cute almost to cute to eat

  2. Oh YUM!! I love candy!! Never heard of this kind before.

  3. Those are so cute. I am so glad they are gluten free! That is an awesome treat!

  4. I love marshmallows! My son would love these if I bought them!

  5. My son would love the marshmellows

  6. Oh how can I decide I would love to try them all

  7. ivy pluchinsky

    ooh the marshmallows are cute!

  8. the licorice box!!!

  9. my grandkids would love them

  10. i like marshmallows miammmm to cute

  11. charissa kingma

    I love all of them!!! Would love to try out the herbal box!!! Its getting to be that cold season for me here – and I need something to help soothe my throat and get the system ready for spring!! xo

  12. think my kids would like the marshmellow ones.

  13. Oh my…These do look really good and I think the pink pig is a really cute one…Any duckies or chicks…;)

  14. The fruit box or the herbal box! I’m love candy Meister candy! Any bow would be fantastic 🙂

  15. the animal marshmellow ones!

  16. Aseli Marshmallows because they are soft and chewy.

  17. The Bear…I’ll wait for it! Bears are my fav!!!

  18. Herbal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. the fruit box looks yummy

  20. I forgot to say why,…the licorice box because I love licorice!!!

  21. the herbal box; I love ginger!

  22. Michelle Delorme

    i would love to try the fruit box

  23. Licorice Box: Marshmallows, Licquorice Blend, Black Licorice, Salty Salmiak!I love licquorice!

  24. I would love to try the fruit box! These look like really fun marshmallows!

  25. Likely the herbal one I like spicy and they sound soothing

  26. The licorice yum, have an addiction, also these ars an amazing substitute the marshmallow for Peeps. Thanks for an amazing giveaway.

  27. carolyn belair

    I would love to try the herbal candies. something different that I have never tried.

  28. Loretta Googoo

    Would like licorice box. Fan of licorice.

  29. I would like to try the fruit box – sounds so tasty

  30. Herbal box because I have been sick 3 times this winter

  31. I would like the Fruit box!

  32. I would like the Fruit package!

  33. I love the licorice

  34. We buy the mulled wine ones every Christmas and give them away as gifts. Everyone loves them as they have never tasted something like that before.

  35. my son would the marshmallow products.

  36. We would like the marshmallow ones , i love candies !! 🙂 thanks for the chance !! 🙂

  37. I would like to win the Fruit Box because I love fruit flavours.

  38. I would love to try the Fruit Box!

  39. Marshmallow candy is the greatest!! The fruit flavored ones would be the best.

  40. liquorice box I love it

  41. I would like the Marshmallow. Love them and the fruit flavours appeal to me.

  42. I would like the fruit box ..because I want to try the green apple 🙂

  43. the herbal box is neat! but the kids love the mice!

  44. I want to try the Herbal Box, the flavours sound pretty cool!

  45. Marshmallows for me please!!

  46. susanne mccarthy

    the Fruit Box — yummy 🙂

  47. my son would love this candy, he loves marshmallows..!

  48. Oh how fun, great for decorating cakes and cupcakes too!

  49. Wow , these are so cute ! They look delicious as well . Yum!!

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