NaoSap Harvest Rice Review

Oriental foods have been a long time favorite of mine and a lot of the dishes I’ve tried contained rice or were rice in general. This has allowed me to try a variety of rice that I honestly never would have tried or even thought of trying! One of my favorite varieties to eat is wild rice. This technically isn’t rice though, it’s actually a grass that is grown in man-made lakes and ponds and has been eaten for centuries by Native Americans. This grass still grows in parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of the US.


 NaoSap Harvest is a family owned company in Northern Manitoba who produce GMO Free, certified Organic, wild rice and rice linguine. This rice is delicious on its own or broken into smaller pieces and mixed with white rice or in any type of dish you make for that matter. One of my favorite things about this variety of rice is that it’s rich in nutrients such as potassium, thiamine & iron. As well as niacin, zinc,  magnesium, copper, vitamin B6 and more. Talk about healthy 🙂

The fact that NaoSap is located on the edge of the Canadian Sheild and surrounded by Boreal Forrest makes this a great area for this type of rice to grow and is untouched by contaminants makes this a great product and soon to be Superfood (research is in progress) so I’ve read. And seeing as it’s grown in lakes, it’s also gluten free.  Now, there are many different ways to incorporate wild rice into your diet like adding it to salads, soups, pasta dishes and so much more MORE! Why not give it a try, there’s nothing but benefits to look forward to. Ok, not true!  You also have delicious new recipes you’ll be able to make 🙂

You can buy this delicious and healthy rice through NaoSap’s online store ranging from $3.50 for a 1/2 pound cone to $275 for a 50 pound sack. Gift baskets are also available. To make a purchase, browse their products or just read up a bit more about them please visit their website Website

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40 responses to “NaoSap Harvest Rice Review

  1. stephanie richardson

    I wanna try it!!!! Looks great.

  2. I like a natural organic rice.

  3. I love Apricot Wild Rice ( wild rice, white rice, onions, celery, chopped apricots, sage, thyme & parsley – delish ! )

  4. Stephanie Richardson

    My fav. kind of rice is basmati 🙂

  5. All kinds of rice are my favorite. We use all kinds to make and compliment just about every meal. Can not pick a favorite as each one has their own unique flavors, texture. Thank you so much for chance to win .

  6. Barbara Smith Dye

    I absolutely love wild rice….so nutty and flavourful….the bad news is that I can’t afford it!

  7. I love basmati … that’s my Fave !!!

  8. I love Jasmine rice, to enhance nutrition and texture I love to throw in a bit of wild into the pot with it.

  9. I love trying new rice, I am gluten free and it is hard to find good tasting rice with gluten added to it, But I really like any kind of rice I can play off of!

  10. Basmati rice is my favourite.

  11. I love Basmati rice. I’m not sure why but it just tastes the best!

  12. I like basmati rice and wild rice.

  13. Jasmine Rice…love the flavour!

  14. I like basmati, but would like to try these, much healthier

  15. I love Jasmine Rice.

  16. Love Jasmine rice

  17. I like long grain white rice best – though i suck at making it


  18. love jasmine rice

  19. I cook whole grain brown rice alot!
    via Rhonda W G.

  20. My daughter and I love basmati rice

  21. I really like wild rice the best.

  22. Jasmine rice is my favourite.

  23. We love rice in this house. Brown and Basmati Rice are my favourites!

  24. Wild rice is definitely my favourite!

  25. I love jasmine rice.

  26. I would like to give wild rice a try again. I know it’s supposed to be good for you. Thanks for the contest.

  27. I love any rice cooked with coconut or almond milk – I bet any of this would be delicious cooked that way!

  28. I really love Organic Wild Rice.

  29. my favourite is brown rice

  30. Uncle Ben’s white rice

  31. I like wild rice

  32. Pretty much plain old white rice. Two in the family just won’t eat rice, so it’s hard to make two separate meals, but when the hubby is away, the rice comes out to stay.

  33. wild rice has always been my favorite , but I only cook it as a treat as it’s quite pricey for me

  34. Organic Brown Basmati Rice

  35. I love steamed basmati…always been a huge favorite!

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