A.vogel’s 30-day #BeatTheFlu #Echinaforce Challenge

We are among the lucky bloggers who get to be part of A.Vogel’s 30-Day Echinaforce Challenge. Follow us on our journey to becoming healthier and bug-free this flu season 🙂 January and February are the months when cold and flu bugs seem to be at their worst. For people who have compromised immune systems this can be a dreaded time of year. Thankfully there are amazing products available from A.Vogel that are made using fresh Organic plants which contain 10 times more active ingredients than dried plants. It’s clinically proven that the Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions of this product help strengthen your immune system. This magnificent product is known as Echinaforce and is made using Echinea Purpea also known as the Cone Flower, which is 100% natural. We honestly couldn’t have been more excited when we read the health benefits of this plant, or flower if you’d prefer. From easing pain and healing infections to chronic fatigue and even detoxifying, this is a miracle plant!



Echinaforce is available in many different formulas, one being liquid drops that you add to water, and they’ve recently introduced a new hot drink. This drink contains the same amount of ingredients as the drops, the drink is just another way of taking the product and who doesn’t like a nice warm drink? Whether you’re sick or not, lol! We honestly thought this was going to taste like a flower, kind of like Camomile tea, but we were surprised to find that it actually tastes like berries. The Elderberry fruit extract is the delicious fruit flavor that hides, possibly even blends with, the Cone Flower and also gives it a slight sweetness. It also contains herb and root tincture which also have great health benefits to them 🙂 We really like the taste of it and most of all, that these products are gluten-free. This is the best part for the Hubby as his two diseases (Celiac & Type 1 Diabetes) plus his kidney failure have severely weakened his immune system. There could be a simple cold going around, if he ends up catching it he usually ends up in the ER as it sets off all his conditions at once. Thankfully he’s able to take something that helps power his body to fight off anything that he may catch or even make him a little less susceptible!




Keep an eye on the #BeatTheFlu & #Echinaforce hashtags on Facebook and Twitter for more content and for a little treat, for the month of February and the Month of March readers who use the hashtags mentioned above on either social media sites will be eligible to win Echinaforce prizes compliments of A.Vogel 🙂 *Canadians only* You can find more information on EchinaForce products and the amazing benefits of this product Here

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*************************************************************** It’s now day 5 of A.Vogels #BeatTheFlu blogger challenge and we’re doing great! We’ve had 3 family members who have had colds and are always around us, we haven’t gotten sick! There’s no doubt in our minds that this product works as normally the Hubby would have caught what is going around had he not have taken #Echinaforce. We undoubtedly love this product and recommend it to anyone with a low immune system.

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

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6 responses to “A.vogel’s 30-day #BeatTheFlu #Echinaforce Challenge

  1. Echinacea always heads off a cold for me!

  2. When I get the cold & flu I go down hard.I would love to win this and try Echinacea to beat the flu and see for myself how well it works.Thanks for a chance.

  3. Although I don’t like to take cold medications to simply ‘suppress’ my cold, this would be much better and simply help me get through it which I would appreciate.

    • You’d love this Monica 🙂 It’s all natural and organic and is safe to take continuously for 4 months to help keep your immune system up. Great product for people with low immune systems like myself. Don’t forget to use the hashtags for a chance to win some to try 🙂 ~J~

  4. That is pretty cool! I do take echinacea when I’m sick, although I’m not sure whether it actually does anything or not!

  5. Thanks for the review; I do believe in the powers of herbs.

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