Crunch Master Products Review

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 1 year since my (Hubby) diagnosis of Celiac Disease and with the continuous learning it sure doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, lol. I’d say that I’ve adjusted fairly well to this new way of eating, but there are times when I find myself opening cupboard after cupboard in hopes that delicious gluten-free snacks will somehow magically appear! Wouldn’t it be nice? My problem with the snacks is that I can only seem to find chocolate or something strange like Seaweed flavor, not my thing at all! Of course I’m able to find umpteen different brands of chips that are gluten-free but with my kidneys failing, sodium and oil aren’t exactly tolerable!

We’re very excited to have been given the opportunity to review some very delicious rice crackers and introduce you to the company who makes them: Crunch Master 🙂 This wonderful company is located in the US. Their products are Peanut Free and Gluten Free certified by GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization). They’re also certified Kosher, 100% Whole Grain, Low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol Free and have 0 grams Trans Fats. Some products are even GMO Free, which you can find more information on  HERE

Some of the delicious snacks they make include some for the kids known as Kids Crisps. Grammy Crisps are a very tasty cracker with a light cinnamon & sugar-coating and just the smell of these makes my mouth water. I honestly don’t know how it would taste but I’m willing to bet that these would be good with some milk on them. Possible experiment in the future 😉 Another very tasty cracker is their Cheesy Crisps which are bite size and coated in a powdered cheese sauce. It’s a known fact that Diabetics love cheese so of course I absolutely love these, lol.

The other scrumptious products that we think you’d like are the Multi Grain crackers which have 65% less fat than multi-grain tortilla chips, have tasty flax & sesame seeds and come in 3 different flavors, Sea Salt, White Cheddar and Roasted Vegetable. Then there’s the oh so delicious Multi-Seed crackers. These yummy little snacks come in a few different flavors as well such as Rosemary & Olive Oil, Garlic and original. Keep in mind that these crackers are made from rice so they are a bit crunchy compared to regular ones.

We absolutely loved these products and are so looking forward to trying more products from Crunch Master. These and other delicious snacks are available  Online  And through club stores in Canada and the US.

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers. 


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45 responses to “Crunch Master Products Review

  1. Stephanie Richardson

    I love crackers and trying new kinds :)…might try these next!

  2. These sound good. I am always looking for new rice crackers so I will have to keep an eye out for these.

  3. I’ve tried these crackers before. They are quite tasty!

  4. I’m excited by this product because they are a great healthy snack which is Gluten Free, Peanut Free and so much more!

  5. Thanks for the contest! Would love to try these they sound tasty

  6. these sound delicious and I love the fact that they are gluten free!

  7. I’m always looking for a new tasty cracker to try and the Grammy Crisps sound very good, cinnamon and sugar mmmm

  8. I love crackers and snacks- especially cheesy ones

  9. I love rice crackers and I would love to try these.The cinnamon and sugar probably wouldn’t last long in our house.They all sound delicious though.

  10. I love that they are low in saturated fats and they sound like they would be tastey

  11. I love their multigrain crackers and would love to try some variety. They sound good!

  12. Angela Mitchell

    I haven’t seen these crackers before. I love crackers, especially healthier options that use multi-grain and rice.

  13. amanda van west

    These look great, I’ve been looking for new snack options!

  14. I would love to try these crackers, my great niece has celiac and we are working hard to find new things for her to try

  15. Ive never tried them but everyone says they are delicious.

  16. thank you very much! this looks amazing! my girls would absolutely love it!

  17. I love trying new crackers as well , and they are very healthy and alot of my family have a gluten allergy so these would be perfect !

  18. I have gluten sensitivity so I am always looking for a snack that tastes good

  19. They have a great variety and they are gluten free 🙂

  20. I am excited to try these out, because I love trying new healthy snacks.

  21. I am always trying to find new healthy snack for my family so I would love to try these out. Love that they are gluten free, even though we have no sensitivities I am trying to incorporate some gluten free food into our diets.

  22. I am excited to try this product because I follow a gluten free diet and am always trying to find new snack ideas.

  23. Love to try these!!!

  24. I love all things Crunchmaster – especially the cinnamon ones!

  25. I love appetizers and am always looking for new “dippers”. Also, I have some family that is gluten intolerant! 🙂

  26. phyllis cadwell

    Always looking for guilt free snacks to serve company and family

  27. some gluten free offerrings taste like cardboard..cant wait to try these!

  28. I’m always looking for new snacks to try and these look like the whole family would enjoy them!

  29. These would be great to have on hand and serve when company comes over.

  30. Loretta Googoo

    I love trying new crackers. Cheezy Crisps looks yum.

  31. Because they have great flavors and look so good.

  32. we’d like to start cutting down on gluten in our family. We have an autistic daughter and according to research, gluten free diets have proven to help ease some symptoms. I have a lot of issues with my stomach and so has my little boy and cutting gluten out of our diets would help us all as a family.These snacks look like a real yummy way to start!!!

  33. I have tried the MultiSeed Crackers before and they are quite tasty. I would like to try the other products as well!

  34. I’d love to try the cheddar!!!

  35. I’ve never heard of this product so I am excited to try it and see how it tastes.

  36. Nancy J Montgomery

    I love cheddar cheese and crackers. Two in one is great.

  37. sharon arsenault

    would love to try these….Thank’s for the chance

  38. I was having an bad day until i saw brown UPS tuck roll up with my box crackers, thanks again for choosing me. me and my boy friend are going to enjoy the crackers.

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