Some Wild Animals around the house!!


So this is something that I did all last summer. I keep all my scraps and threw them outside at night for the animals.. Now I live in the woods, (so I am able to do this) but all summer I had a Fox (whom I could feed right out of my hand), 2 raccoons (a mom and baby), 1 skunk, then the first stray cat came around and even a little mole used to stops by in the mornings.

So my point in doing this was to recycle everything that could be recycled and we then HARDLY ever had any garbage. Which is good on our part!.
To those who can’t just throw their scraps outside like us, I would recommend starting a compost!. It will be one of the best decisions you will make 😀

Here are a few snap shots I got of the animals who stopped by!

What do you guys think about this post?!!!!

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11 responses to “Some Wild Animals around the house!!

  1. busy spot around your home,animals looking for food winter months seem to be the worst,we get cats and dogs here and see a moose now and then

  2. Sounds like you have quite the assortment of little visitors. That is amazing that the fox would eat right from your hand. We live in the city in a highrise so no composting or throwing it outside for us.

    • Bahaha, I just pictured someone 15 floors up tossing composte out the window! Yeah, I wouldn’t suggest it living in the city! Our poor little fox got caught in a coyote snare, we saw it once after hearing that and haven’t seen it since.

  3. so nice you can interact with the wild life, I live in the country too and it’s nice to see them coming out at night, the picture of the fox is very nice

  4. My daily visitors include raccoons,possums, neighbourhood cats and birds!

  5. Shannon Gnocato

    I would love to have all those animals in my yard! The fox especially. We get a variety of animals also as we live on a greenbelt but in an urban area so throwing food out is not an option – the neighbors frown on the bears that come around (I personally think they’re awesome!) We currently have a family of garter snakes living in the garden – I would take a fox over those any day!

  6. my extended family does it at there camp cuz you have to get by boat. in town I can’t do it.. The bears are crushing my fence.

  7. Enjoyed seeing all your animal friends.

  8. Well I thought this was pretty cool, til I spotted the skunk picture. Than my eyebrow raised, but even skunks are part of nature. I would love to live in the country to experience all it has to offer. That is really cool you could feed the fox right out of your hand. P.S. Really enjoyed this post!

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