Cover Blubber Review

The second item we got to review is the Cover Blubber. They come in a pack of 4 (or you can get them individually) and they are multi-coloured..

This is the perfect product for covering bowls, fruit (oranges, watermelon etc) containers and so much more. The different sizes make it so easy and convenient, you’ll want to cover everything 🙂


The best part about the Cover Blubber is it can be used to store dry goods, products for the fridge and freezer. This is the safer alternative to plastic wrap. It’s made with a food-safe sticky rubber. It is however NOT microwavable or dishwasher safe.


The money you will save with this product will add up quickly. Instead of buying plastic wrap every time you need more (polluting more of the earth and since plastic is no good either, you are hurting your health) you’ll be saving everything by having the Cover Blubber on hand. I highly recommend it.

Just another way we are saving money and the earth 🙂

You can purchase the set of 4 for $20 from their WEBSITE

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers. 

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28 responses to “Cover Blubber Review

  1. Sounds great. I like earth friendly products, a quick hand wash, hang it up to dry and ready to go for the next time. Thanks for the heads up on this product.

  2. not a problem 🙂 if you get the chance to try it you should.. So muchhh better then plastic wrap!!!! and they come in pretty colors hehe

  3. These look great! I am definitely going to check them out, they sound much better than plastic wrap!

  4. Looks very easy to use and much healthier than plastic wrap. I would think it would also get a beter seal.

  5. love that it is earth friendly

  6. awesome, niffty invention love it, I’ll have to check these out too

  7. Stephanie Richardson

    I actually really like this and am thinking about getting some 🙂

  8. I am definitely going to watch out for these,they sound so earth friendly

  9. That is so neat!! Never heard of this but how handy is it!!!

  10. these look pretty neat. Never heard of them yet but looks like something I’d find very handy around the house!!!

  11. I order some. They klook awesome!

  12. I love the fact that it is earth friendly!!

  13. This is awesome!! Considering I am not coordinated enough to use plastic wrap without it all sticking together!! thanks!!

  14. Such a neat idea! I love the idea of using it for things such as watermelon, which is always such a pain to have in the fridge!

  15. I wanna get these. Thanks for the review. This is the first I’ve heard of them.

  16. susanne mccarthy

    Now that’s a neat idea! I have those little old lady ‘bonnets’ but the elastic is not the best and they don’t stay on with a tight seal. Love to try!!

  17. I would purchase this product….looks so handy!

  18. Looks cool and love anything earth friendly

  19. This is pretty cool!

  20. Cant wait to get mine!!!

  21. I am going to have to go find some now to purchase,thank you for the great review!

  22. Still waiting for mine! Thank for all you do!!

  23. looks different, don’t know if it is for me or not 🙂

  24. Donna Christianson

    Pretty Cool

  25. My aunt bought these and showed us. They are so cool especially when the container is warm and can’t put the lid on it.

  26. I got these at Home Outfitters and am concerned now about how to disinfect them in case, say, a cucumber goes bad with it on. This is not addressed anywhere that I can see and could be the reason I may return them.

    • We wash ours in hot soapy water. The hot water should do the job but if you still want to sanitize them I suggest trying a water/bleach soak as they do in most restaurants before washing the dishes. Hope this helps some 🙂 ~J~

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