Kid-Friendly Online Game sites

I have put together a list of our son’s favorite (mom and dad approved) FREE websites to Lean & Play games on! He is 3 going on 4 so please keep in mind they are for kids around his age! 🙂

Please don’t be shy, feel free to add your own also!! There’s so much out there that we don’t know about that I want this to be a place we can visit and know these sites have been tested and parent approved!

~Have fun~


Favourite Online Games

  1. Toupie et Binou (en/fr)
  2. Treehouse TV
  3. Yo gabba gabba (click on Games)
  4. Wallace and Gromit (maybe for the older ones)
  5. Friv
These above sites might not be something for your child, but you can still add your child’s fav sites to play and learn on! Remember CHILDREN SITES 🙂

2 responses to “Kid-Friendly Online Game sites

  1. Shannon Gnocato

    When my daughter was a bit younger she used to play on CBC Kids quite a bit – she loved a lot of the games available on there.

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