Kidobi Review


If you have kids, I’m willing to bet that you’ve had those moments when you want to pull out your hair because your child is “bored” and can’t seem to be entertained by anything! The laundry and dishes are piled up and you’ve become the king of the block castle. How on earth are you supposed to get the house clean? We’ve tried crafts but someone needs to be helping or supervising rather. With the crazy weather we’ve had it’s been way too cold to go outside, so that’s out of the question! But wait…..kid friendly videos might just be the thing? But where to find a site or app. that our little guy can’t stumble upon one of the many atrocious things lurking on the Internet?

Kidobi is an amazing company that has created a parent approved site and App. with child friendly media suited to each childs age group. There are seriously so many features available on Kidobi that we’re completely amazed with but the main ones are that we’re able to choose educational material for our son to watch and of course cartoons. Some of the videos we’re able to educate with include math, science, life & social skills, art and language. We also like that we’re able to see our sons progress as well as the fact that the kids achieve awards. Did you know that Kidobi has been awarded the prestigious PTPA seal of approval as well as being awarded a Kids Choice and Editors Choice award for 2013! That right there, tells us that this is no doubt the site we want our little guy to be amused by and that we thought would be of interest to other parents and you, our readers 🙂


This wonderful site allows us the 30 minutes we need to wrestle the dust bunnies hiding around the house, lol! The fact that we’re able to access such great content for only $8 a month (Premium Account) as well as FREE, that’s suited to our child’s age and is educational makes this a site worth recommending.

HURRY IT’S ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR %50 OFF – That’s $4 for this amazing app!

If you’d like to create an account for your child please vist: Their Website

Feel free to check out Kidobi on PTPA’s website: Click Here

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6 responses to “Kidobi Review

  1. Watch a great invention! Thank you for the review 🙂

  2. looks like a fun site!

  3. this looks awesome! I might have to check it out more! awesome review!

  4. what a great review i was looking into one of these

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