Campbells Gluten-Free Soups

Having a weak immune system I find myself getting sick a lot easier and unfortunately it causes my conditions (Diabetes, Gastroparisis & Renal Failure) to flare up, resulting to me being hospitalized. This happened to be the case for my birthday! This cold was a bad one and hit me hard, I was losing my voice and having a difficult time breathing. When I feel like that it helps eating soups and broths and one of my all time favorite soup is Cream Of Mushroom from Campbells Canada 🙂 Unfortunately upon examining the ingredients I found that it’s made with wheat flour, boo! No more of my favorite soup EVER! Just kidding 😉

   Did you know that Campbells Canada has over 40 products that are Gluten Free? I know, exciting right 🙂 Some of these products include V8, Gardennay, Stock First, Ready-To-Use Broth, Prego and Pepperidge Farms. Being that I was feeling like death and disappointed from the mushroom soup discovery, the kind folks at Campbells Canada generously sent me a couple of their gluten free products to help lift my spirits and help me get better, we all know soups and broths help fight colds! A Huge Thank you for that Campbells 🙂
 If like more information about their gluten free products please visit their website here: HERE 
I’ve never tried a bean soup before and honestly thought that it would have a texture similar to pea soup, which I am NOT a fan of! I really couldn’t help but try the Red Pepper Black Bean Gardennay soup the packaging made the soup look so appetizing and reeled me in 😉 As I said, I figured the texture would be grainy as beans are, kidney beans anyways and was totally shocked by how wrong my assumption was. The soup has a nice creamy texture like tomato soup as well as having a sweetness from the red pepper, and would make a very tasty alternative to tomato sauce for a spaghetti sauce recipe. This has become 1 of my all time favorite gluten free soups 🙂


   Since I’ve named a 1st, I now have to tell you about my 2nd all time favorite gluten free soup which is Campbells Chicken with White & Wild Rice (Condensed). I absolutely LOVE wild rice, I can seriously eat a medium sized pot of it to myself, lol. The fact that the broth wasn’t salty and tasted like regular broth and of course, had wild rice makes this a soup I will definitely be filling my gluten free cupboard with!

There’s 1 more product from Campbells Canada that I’d like to mention: Pepperidge Farms’ Nacho Cheese Tortilla Crackers. These delicious little snacks are made with stone ground corn masa flour, whole grain corn flour, corn flour and are lighty coated with a real cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and garlic (nacho) seasoning. These were a huge hit with myself as well as the little one and I suspect that I’ll be purchasing these as well!


I am extremely happy to know that my choices are even broader and from a company I’ve known and loved my entire life! Check your labels for the Gluten Free symbol and enjoy 🙂

*These products were provided as a courtesy, all opinions are truthful and of my own accord and have not been endorsed by the company*

9 responses to “Campbells Gluten-Free Soups

  1. I was so excited to find out that Campbells had gluten free options. They are perfect when you are sick or don’t feel like making your own soup. And they taste good! I had no idea about those crackers- I assumed they had wheat. I want to try them lol!

  2. Glad that you found some soups from Campbell’s that work for you. I am going to have to try those Pepperidge Farms’ Nacho Cheese Tortilla Crackers!

    • Thanks Judy 🙂 I’m glad Campbell’s was generous enough to send me the products when I was sick along with a card telling me what products they make that are gluten free. I absolutely love the nachos and so does our little guy, he calls them the “Stinky Chips” lol! ~J~

  3. Will pass this info along to my cousin who cant have gluten in her diet!

  4. I Love Campbell’s Soups and especially now since they are gluten free.! Thank you for the review 🙂

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