A gift for Sophie~ by Gilles Vigneault

 A Gift For Sophie by from The Secret Mountain

Author: Gilles Vigneault

Is a wonderful storybook & music CD that tells the story of a little girl and her friend who adore her great-uncle. Unfortunately uncle Tom is very old and passes away, but leaves behind an important message that the children realize later on when a cherished gift goes missing. The little girl, saddened by the loss, calls on her uncles spirit to help her find it. After awakening the next morning, she remembers something her uncle had said about birds and shiny things, helping the kids to find the missing gift and bringing back another memory of something the uncle used to tell them: “Even in the most humble present, we must see all the treasures of the heart”! While looking for her “present” the little girl found the “treasure” (words from her uncle) in her heart 🙂
 I love the concept behind this story, it not only allows children to understand death and see how other children deal with it as well as teaching them to look into their hearts for answers or right decisions and is most definitely a book I enjoy reading to our little guy and niece. They loved the music CD that came with it.
You can find it for $16.95 Hardcover book/CD)

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15 responses to “A gift for Sophie~ by Gilles Vigneault

  1. Bianca chambers

    i have a soft spot for young adult, lol. but more kids books lately!

  2. So far it’s been a bunch of children’s books, but I enjoy a good mystery.

  3. Love to read! Horrors!

  4. i love to read! everything from non-fiction to the latest mystery novel.

  5. I love to read! My preference is Stephen King and books of the same genre. However I also love to read childrens books to my 3 yr old son, he calls it his mommy time 🙂

  6. Dawn Wiley-Rader

    I love to read..just about anything! love romance novels…but I love to read childrens books with my kids

  7. susanne mccarthy

    I don’t read a lot but I love true crime and mystery

  8. My daughter would love to read this book!!

  9. nancy chartrand

    I only read true crime and other non fiction books, autobiographies etc. But I encourage my children to read. and love to read to them. I would love to add this book to their collection ❤ ty for the chance

  10. Rosanne Robinson

    I love to read children’s books to my grandson, he’s extremely interested in birds, animals, dinosaurs, fish, nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

  11. I like mystery!

  12. I love to read to our little princess 🙂

  13. I love to read children’s book to the kids I help at school or babysit 🙂

  14. love to read historic novels

  15. We all love to read in my family. I like fictions books the best.

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