Wasa Crispbreads

What are Wasa Crispbreads?


They are a wholesome and nutritious snack that you can enjoy anytime a day. They are hearty in flavor and deliciously crunchy which make them perfect for adding your favorite toppings. Wasa Crispbreads are available in a variety of flavors making them a delicious, versatile & healthy meal or snack!! Also they have been around since 1919, – how cool is that?!

The wholesome, all natural ingredients such as rye, salt, yeast & water used in Wasa Crispbread recipes make them naturally full of fiber (most contain at least 2 grams of fiber per serving). They are also low in fat and contain no trans fats and a lot of them do not contain any sugars, which is great for sugar restriction diets. They can be served with soups, salads, spreads, meat, veggies and whatever your taste buds desire 🙂 


Here are some of the varieties of Crispbreads that you may see around your grocer from Wasa:

Flaxseed * NEW
Whole grain
Multi grain (I enjoy this one with Jam or Peanut Butter)
Light rye
Crisp’N Light wholesome wheat cracker bread

Available at most major grocery stores, typically in the cracker aisle. You will find them for roughly $2.99 per box. They are tasty and very healthy. I find them to be very filling, even if they are so light & crisp.
The one thing about Wasa crispbreads that I would change, would be to make them in a resealable bag for more convenience.

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2 responses to “Wasa Crispbreads

  1. I love Wasa, the rye ones topped with cream cheese and salty red caviar mmmmm so good! I will have to look for some of their new flavours

  2. Chandra Christine O'Connor

    I dont know what it is about them but I can eat so many especially with cheese whiz on them

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