Do you and your #family get the #FluShot?

It’s around that time again where we are all getting sick and Flu Shots are just around the corner, so the big question I want to ask You is

“Do you & your family (kids included) get the “flu shot” every year?” , If so why do you believe it’s so important??

And for those of you who don’t get the Flu Shot, why not? Can you explain it to us? 🙂 Thank you so much.


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The reason that I am asking is because I am actually torn between the decision and would like some feedback  of what you all think is the reasonable answer!!!

I would really love to hear everyone’s comments on this subject as I think that it is an important one!
I really appreciate you stopping by and feel free to share this post if you like 🙂



34 responses to “Do you and your #family get the #FluShot?

  1. YES! Every year! I missed it one year and ended up with the flu so bad they admitted me to the hospital. Never will miss it again

  2. We all got it one year, but still ended up with the flu… so I don’t bother anymore. I just leave a few onions lying around instead. 😉

  3. No. I had this conversation with a friend of mine last night. She works in a home and had to get one once. She never gets sick and with the flu shot she got sick three times. I don’t think it works for everyone. Plus, nurses have told me it only work for your child if the parents and grandparents get one. So, unless everyone gets one it doesn’t work? Just doesn’t make sense.

    Plus we’re not giving it to our daughter. We want her immune system to grow.

  4. Never! We try to eat healthy which has helped a ton. But when we start getting sick we mix up an apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, and honey concoction and it works like a charm!:)

  5. Never! We use an apple cider vinegar concoction when we start to come down with something and it works like a charm!:)

  6. No we don’t get the flu shot , we try and stay away from the sick people and we take Ener -c and Other vitamins to keep ahead of the cold and flu season

  7. we did this year normally it’s just me

  8. We do get the flu shot and so far, it’s worked great. I know there is a TON of differing views on this but just do your research, talk to your family doc and go with what you think is best. =)

  9. we never get the flu shot
    family of four

    I do home remedies whenever we catch a viruse.

  10. We don’t get the flu shot. Not really trustful of it. I usually GET the flu when I get the shot. No thanks! lol

  11. We get the flu shot at our house,too many bugs come home with the kids.

  12. We do…everyone has their own opinions and I say just follow what your gut says….its not for everyone…I do feel tho that many are misinformed that a flu shot will stop colds and flus…it doesn’t stop colds and it only limits the time you are sick with the flu (meaning you don’t get it as bad) I would rather take precautions than be sorry later IMO

  13. We don’t because both my husband and I get really sick after shots. Yes, we know it’s not getting the flu, but I think I’m allergic to other contents of the shot, and he’s obviously sensitive.

  14. yes I do, I’ve been getting one now for 5yrs. and I have never gotten the flu, I do get the odd common cold but they don’t even last long

  15. I have had the flu shot a couple of time because of circumstances in a given year, and my children and husband have only had it once. Two years ago we all got the shot because we had a newborn baby at home, and also my grandmother was unwell that year. I wanted to make sure that we were as healthy as possible because we were with her often. To be honest I didn’t find a noticeable difference in how long/often we had the flu.

  16. Yes I have to get one every year and all my family as well. I have an auto-immune disease and my immune system is suppressed so we all have no choice, I can get really sick if anyone is around me that is sick.

  17. Tracey MacDonald MacEwen

    Have not got the flu shot for 7 years because when I got it last I was sicker and every year I did not get the shot I never got sick, But just got it last week because my Husband works in Alberta and the H1N1 is in his camp and they are warning all family members to get it so we do not get it from the men.

  18. Donna Christianson

    No I do not get the flu shot. I very rarely get the flu and I am. Ot in a high risk group so why bother

  19. We get the flu shot every year..I have a serious respiratory condition so I feel like it’s a good thing! I have been doing so for over 2o years and never once has it made me sick…

    • I used to get the flu shot being a Type 1 Diabetic. I found it would make me slightly sick after receiving it. I haven’t had one in years and haven’t been sick with the flu. I personally believe that my body has the capabilities of fighting off these ailments with a little healthy living like eating properly. I also question the idea of infecting my body with dead virus cells as this could also cause problems by interacting with any other viruses that may be present in a person? Thanks for commenting 🙂 ~J~

  20. I don’t get the flu shot and neither do my kids.

  21. No, I dont get the flu shot. I only ever got it once and I was never so sick in my life. I had the flu 4 times that year and once it lasted for a month. I know many people who are the same as me and I know many people who get it all the time. I really depend on how our bodies handle all the ingredients that are in the shots.

  22. I never used to get the flu shot. But Ive always gotten my children’s done because they’re yuong and don’t have a great immune system. But this year I ended up getting H1N1 and having it turn into a nasty case of pneumonia. I went and got my shot as soon as I was able to . And will continue to get it every year. I would never wish any one to have to go through that! Its just awful!

  23. I usually always do but never this year and OMG am i ever paying for it. Had the fly 4 times since Jan. Kiddies have had it twice. Next year we all will be getting it. Just too much having the flu with kids. 😦

  24. Wendy Arnott

    No, never have gotten the flu shot and have never gotten more than a cold. Two friends got sick for three days each after getting the flu shot one year just after I started driving public transit. I deal with substance abusers, all income levels, and every situation out there and still say no to the shot. I have never gotten the flu.
    I used to get sinus infections like crazy, but found out later I am dairy sensitive and taking dairy out of my diet solved a lot of issues.

  25. i get the flu shot yearly for work and personally. i never got the flu. last year was the first year i got the flu from not taking the shot. i sure got the shot afterwards.

  26. I got the flu shot , my son didn’t he was ill at the time, then when we went back after he was better , they were out of it. I just feel I’d rather get a shot than the flu.

  27. Nope! I dont believe in getting the flu shot. The only times Ive gotten sick or felt ill are when Ive gotten the shot in the past, and since not getting one (the past 7 years, no shot) I havent gotten sick. 🙂

  28. Heck NO…I never get the flu shot! A bunch of hokey pokey to me and even the pamphlet states that they “guess” at which strains or what not will be “active” they don’t know…it’s all a guessing game.

  29. Kayla Gilbert

    No. I have never had a flu shot and have not had the flu (knock on wood). I don’t believe it’s necessary to get the flu shot, because chances are, the flu strand that they had in the shot wouldn’t even be the right one.

  30. Never have, Never will. I dont get sick and I dont believe in injecting yourself with a virus to stop you getting a virus

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