Dempsters Gluten Zero Bread Review

  I’m sure I’ve said it before but when it comes to the array of gluten free product choices I have they’re slim, I’m talking 2 grocery stores with an isle that has vegan and organic products as well, so you can just imagine my options! It’s nice to have multiple choices when it comes to food and thankfully the big name companies that I loved before my diagnosis are making that possible by introducing gluten free products .


  Canada Bread Co. Ltd. which is 90% owned by Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Is one of those companies and has recently launched a new line of gluten free bread known as “Dempsters Gluten Zero” bread that has hit the shelves of major retailers this November and can be found in the bakery isle, yup the bakery isle! You’re probably thinking it should be frozen as other gluten free breads right? Wrong! Gluten Zero breads are vacuum sealed at the point of baking, locking in moisture and freshness allowing the bread to be stored unopened for 21 days on the shelf as well as for 5 days on the counter after opening. I recommend keeping it in the fridge though, as I found mine to be drying out by the second day on the counter.


  They currently have two types of bread available, white and 100% whole grain, which are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility and have been certified as safe, 100% gluten free products by the Canadian Celiac Association! To be honest I wasn’t too sure about the whole grains and my Celiac but gave it a try nonetheless and am very happy to say I had NO pain 🙂 Gluten Zero breads are a heavy, more filling gluten free bread and I was extremely impressed by this quality as I don’t find gluten free food very filling! Another great quality that these breads have is their texture, soft yet spongy like a loaf I would have made, ok the mother in law makes 😉


  I really like that Dempsters has made gluten free living easier (option wise) with their new line of breads and that they’ve made them great for us Diabetics as well with the little amount of sugars and fats and best of all 0 trans fats 🙂 Dempsters did an amazing job with their new line of gluten free bread as it’s great for sandwiches, french toast, grilled cheese and just plain old buttered bread and is most definitely a bread I’ll be filling my freezer with! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their “everything bagel” might be their next yummy gluten free option, yum 🙂

  To learn more about Dempsters Bakery Gluten Zero products please visit their website at:

 Disclosure: *I was kindly provided these products for the purpose of an honest review, No monetary compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not endorsed by the company!



28 responses to “Dempsters Gluten Zero Bread Review

  1. glad to know they came out with a good product.. would like to try it now

  2. I will try this. I tend to have to make “finger foods” for various events through out the year and find GF friendly products at a reasonable prices has been hard. Tracking down wraps that can only be found in the freezer section etc. I will look for this the next time I am out!

  3. will try it as well – now I know what to get my nephew when he visits.

  4. Amanda Weatherby

    That is good to know. I never really knew what gluten was.

  5. most gluten free bread tastes like cardboard; this sounds promising

  6. It’s great for the people that NEED to be eating gluten-free. However so many people jump on the gluten-free bandwagon when they don’t need to be. It can actually cause problems later if you ever start eating gluten ever again because your body can lose the ability to process gluten. Great review though!

  7. I love that choices are available for those who cannot tolerate gluten. Great review thanks

  8. I am very intrigued. I would love to give it a shot. More options are good!

  9. Dawn Wiley-Rader

    I have heard nothing but good things about this bread! can’t wait to try it

  10. I wanted to try it but I never got to it yes…

  11. Wonderful for people to have the choice of bread they want to eat!

  12. will have to give it a try

  13. ,more and more people are discovering they have problems with gleuten and there is not a whole lot of information out there yet, so this is good advice to pass along! i will definitely try it

    • Thanks Nancy, I’m glad you found this informative as I don’t find there to be very much information for people with Celiac from people who actually suffer from it. Your comment makes me feel good, knowing that I’m accomplishing what I set out to do 🙂

  14. I had no idea Dempster’s was doing GF! Vaccum sealing is brilliant, right?!

  15. Than for the review!
    I will have to see if I can find this in my area.

  16. It tastes good. But, it’s $6.89 at our Metro and is super small. 12
    tiny slices including the crusts.

  17. I tried it and thought it was great! However, it was expensive. I would find $5 acceptable, but anything more is a bit too much. I would buy it again though if it were on sale or if I required it for guests or a special event.

  18. I buy it from Costco here in Ontario and it comes in a 2 pack for $7.

  19. Chandra Christine O'Connor

    I have family that are happy about this, they havent found a gluten free bread they actually liked the taste of till now

  20. Elizabeth Roshko

    The 2 times that I tried this bread I was very sick vomiting beyond control.I dont know why am a celiac for 15 yrs

    • Sorry to hear that you had problems Elizabeth. I’ve been Celiac for a little over 2 years now and I personally didn’t have a problem when I ate it. Possibly something else you ate? I’ve switched back to Udis as it’s one of my favorites. All products are tasty so they’re my go to bread now. ~J~

  21. Let the Gluten Zero sit a couple or four days in the cupboard, then open the plastic bag and take a whiff….the stuff smells like a petrochemical stew, I wonder just how toxic these additives are….whatever they use. I will stick to Einkorn grain instead.

    • I personally find all bread smells bad after sitting out whether it’s gluten-free or not. I know that gluten-free flour has a certain smell/taste to it, some stronger than others. I also found that leaving the bread out of the fridge causes it to sweat and become moldy. I kept a loaf in the fridge and that one was fine. As with all other gluten-free breads, I suggest that this one is kept cool and away from moisture. ~J~

  22. I’ve tried this bread and it tastes good, but it’s expensive. $6.49 in Toronto. That’s a lot of money for a small loaf of bread that you can finish in a couple days.

    Does anyone know where to get it cheaper? Or other cheaper gluten free bread alternatives?

  23. My husband is doing a gluten free and wheat free diet going to try this!! And where is an UDI in Toronto or Brampton Ontario Area?? Thanks!! 🙂

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