What November Means To Me (Hubby)

November is a month that has held a place in my Black heart (cards) since I was born, one reason being it’s the month of my birthday, lol! Seriously though, “Remembrance Day” has always been a meaningful holiday to me, I remember gathering for assemblies in the gymnasium at school to watch educational videos about war and to hear stories about the men and women who lost their lives fighting to keep US CANADIANS safe and free as we are today! I also had family members fight for our country and to this day am proud to support and thank our troops for their hard work and dedication in keeping this beautiful place I call my home and it’s people safe, we owe you our respect 🙂


 I also love this month because it’s “Diabetes Awareness Month” with November 14th being “World Diabetes Day”, as I have been a Type 1 Diabetic (insulin dependent) since the age of 4 and think that the world, Diabetics included, need to be more aware of the effects of Diabetes on the people suffering from the disease as well as the people living with the ones who have it!


This month is also “Movember”, the month where men shave their facial hair then let it grow back for the month, helping raise awareness about prostate cancer as well as donations to charities such as Prostate Cancer Canada. As a man I can say it’s a bit uncomfortable having a prostate exam, but I would rather feel a moment of unease and be able to prevent a serious problem from occurring than just hoping for the best! I absolutely recommend that every man go for his yearly physical!


 This is also the month of Universal Children’s Day (Nov. 20th). A day that raises awareness and recognizes the rights of children worldwide, to have a bright, healthy future 🙂 Every child has the right to grow up in a healthy environment with good food to eat, clean water to drink and materials to expand their minds!


So for me November is a time to remember 🙂 Remember to keep an eye on my health & share my knowledge about my diseases, as men aren’t immune! Remember to be thankful for my freedom as well as the men & women responsible for it. And to always remember that the kids of the world are our future!


4 responses to “What November Means To Me (Hubby)

  1. November has always been about Remembrance for me, especially growing up as a Military Brat….but more recently it has also become and time to raise aware of prostate cancer (my step-father-in-law) has been a long time fighter, and Diabetes as well, as my grandfather lived with it and now so does my father…..thank you sharing all that

  2. Thanks for the comment Tara 🙂 I think this month became about Christmas and I don’t think it’s right, it should be about rememberance and awareness! So sorry to hear sbout your FIL as well as your Father & Grandfather, I’m hoping things will work out.

  3. just a little note to say that I appreciate your words:)

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