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Chapmans Sport Lollys

Chapmans Sport Lollys

Chapmans is a Canadian company located in Ontario. I love supporting Canadian Businesses. I don’t believe we’ve ever been disappointed with any of Chapmans products thus far. They are a great, loyal company. They make peanut-free, Lactose-Free and gluten-free products which is perfect for this household as the hubby can even enjoy them having his celiac disease.


Sports Lollys are Electrolyte infused popsicles that are great for rehydrating and cooling down your body after you’ve been active and they are even great to give you a little boost if you are sick (they are even safe for kids.), my son just loves them and had most gone before I got my review done lol..Sports Lollys are made to keep your electrolytes in balance..


They are very delicious, healthy, inexpensive and come in 4 amazing flavors:

  1. Grape Rush
  2. Wild Berry Blast
  3. Orange Surge
  4. Lemon Lime

Chapmans-Sport-Lollys Chapmans-Sport-Lollys

Chapmans-Sport-Lollys Chapmans-Sport-Lollys

We all loved them here and each of us had a different favorite (although they are All delish)
My son’s favorite is: Orange
Hubby’s fav is: Wild Berry
Mine is of course: Grape 😉

The next time you are shopping, you really should grab a box, I can bet you won’t be disappointed 🙂

To find out more on this great product, please visit their


Tip: If you have a sick child and they don’t really want to suck on a popsicle, you can easily melt it down and let them drink it instead!


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Deck your walls with Command – Review

We all have something in our house that hangs on the wall, whether it’s kitchen utensils, car keys or Christmas decorations. How do you attach these things to your walls? We use tacs and tape which always ends up with us having to repaint them! We also have a little kitten that’s a chord chewer and needed a way to keep our wires from getting chomped but don’t want to make anymore punctures in the walls!


 Command Brand has created an amazing line of products that will help you stop making those horrible looking holes and peel marks on your walls known as Damage Free Hanging. These wonderful products come with a very sticky tape like strip that simply sticks to the wall, you then stick the hook onto the strip and voilà you can hang your decorations, key rings, utensils and thankfully for us, wires 🙂

Another amazing damage free hanging product they make is their decorating clips, that are great for hanging Christmas lights, or any set of lights really, around door frames and window frames making decorating much easier. When you’re ready to rearrange your decor or un-decorate for the Holidays, removal is quick and easy by simply holding the hook in place and pulling down on the piece of tape until it pops off the wall. These are going to save me a lot of paint money, lol!

I’m very impressed with these products and look forward to the end of the holes in our walls. One thing that I wish the packaging had a few ideas of what I could hang on the different sized hooks as it was a bit difficult to guess what was roughly 0.5 lbs and 2 lbs but other than that it will be something I add to my list next time I am in town. I really recommend this product to everyone wanting to save time and money this holiday season or any-time a year really!!! AND you can re-use them every year!!!!

If you’d like to learn more about all the Command Brand products please have a look at their sites:


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Campbells Gluten-Free Soups

Having a weak immune system I find myself getting sick a lot easier and unfortunately it causes my conditions (Diabetes, Gastroparisis & Renal Failure) to flare up, resulting to me being hospitalized. This happened to be the case for my birthday! This cold was a bad one and hit me hard, I was losing my voice and having a difficult time breathing. When I feel like that it helps eating soups and broths and one of my all time favorite soup is Cream Of Mushroom from Campbells Canada 🙂 Unfortunately upon examining the ingredients I found that it’s made with wheat flour, boo! No more of my favorite soup EVER! Just kidding 😉

   Did you know that Campbells Canada has over 40 products that are Gluten Free? I know, exciting right 🙂 Some of these products include V8, Gardennay, Stock First, Ready-To-Use Broth, Prego and Pepperidge Farms. Being that I was feeling like death and disappointed from the mushroom soup discovery, the kind folks at Campbells Canada generously sent me a couple of their gluten free products to help lift my spirits and help me get better, we all know soups and broths help fight colds! A Huge Thank you for that Campbells 🙂
 If like more information about their gluten free products please visit their website here: HERE 
I’ve never tried a bean soup before and honestly thought that it would have a texture similar to pea soup, which I am NOT a fan of! I really couldn’t help but try the Red Pepper Black Bean Gardennay soup the packaging made the soup look so appetizing and reeled me in 😉 As I said, I figured the texture would be grainy as beans are, kidney beans anyways and was totally shocked by how wrong my assumption was. The soup has a nice creamy texture like tomato soup as well as having a sweetness from the red pepper, and would make a very tasty alternative to tomato sauce for a spaghetti sauce recipe. This has become 1 of my all time favorite gluten free soups 🙂


   Since I’ve named a 1st, I now have to tell you about my 2nd all time favorite gluten free soup which is Campbells Chicken with White & Wild Rice (Condensed). I absolutely LOVE wild rice, I can seriously eat a medium sized pot of it to myself, lol. The fact that the broth wasn’t salty and tasted like regular broth and of course, had wild rice makes this a soup I will definitely be filling my gluten free cupboard with!

There’s 1 more product from Campbells Canada that I’d like to mention: Pepperidge Farms’ Nacho Cheese Tortilla Crackers. These delicious little snacks are made with stone ground corn masa flour, whole grain corn flour, corn flour and are lighty coated with a real cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and garlic (nacho) seasoning. These were a huge hit with myself as well as the little one and I suspect that I’ll be purchasing these as well!


I am extremely happy to know that my choices are even broader and from a company I’ve known and loved my entire life! Check your labels for the Gluten Free symbol and enjoy 🙂

*These products were provided as a courtesy, all opinions are truthful and of my own accord and have not been endorsed by the company*

Christmas Goodies/Traditions

Happy Holidays
from our family to yours!!!!

Every year people are adding new traditions to their family’s holidays and I was just curious what everyone out there does for their Christmas tradition?. We would love to hear them or you can simply tell us what Goodies you love to bake..

This is something we’ve always done with my parents is over stuffing the freezer and counters with endless treats and goodies ( I know not good for your health lol) but we simply can’t help it 🙂 . The sad part about all of that is at the end of the holidays my Mom is usually left with a whole bunch of treats that we never ate and most get freezer burnt so guess where they end up?!! That’s right, in the trash!

ID-10058184Image courtesy of Kittisak at

So this year I wanted to have things a little different and we decided to bake some goodies at our house, but only things we know we will eat and not too much of it.
Here’s some of my favorites:

  • Date Squares
  • Nanaimo Bars
  • Fudge
  • sugar cookies
  • shortbread cookies
  • gingerbread men

What about YOU? 🙂

A gift for Sophie~ by Gilles Vigneault

 A Gift For Sophie by from The Secret Mountain

Author: Gilles Vigneault

Is a wonderful storybook & music CD that tells the story of a little girl and her friend who adore her great-uncle. Unfortunately uncle Tom is very old and passes away, but leaves behind an important message that the children realize later on when a cherished gift goes missing. The little girl, saddened by the loss, calls on her uncles spirit to help her find it. After awakening the next morning, she remembers something her uncle had said about birds and shiny things, helping the kids to find the missing gift and bringing back another memory of something the uncle used to tell them: “Even in the most humble present, we must see all the treasures of the heart”! While looking for her “present” the little girl found the “treasure” (words from her uncle) in her heart 🙂
 I love the concept behind this story, it not only allows children to understand death and see how other children deal with it as well as teaching them to look into their hearts for answers or right decisions and is most definitely a book I enjoy reading to our little guy and niece. They loved the music CD that came with it.
You can find it for $16.95 Hardcover book/CD)

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Lovable Labels – Holiday Christmas Labels and Seals Review

Cost: $21.95
Colour: Available in 15 designs
Quantity: Each pack contains 60 Gift Seals and 90 Address Label


 It’s that time of year again to haul out the Christmas decorations, wrap presents and send out warm wishing Christmas cards to family and friends around the world 🙂 This of course would need the use of gift seals and festive address labels! Lovable Labels has us covered with their cute and joyful products


Lovable Labels makes the cutest seals and labels for the Holiday’s! They’re available in 15 designs from cute little reindeer like the ones I have, to Hanukkah wishes 🙂 Each pack comes with 60 gift tags as well as 90 address labels for a great price of only $21.95! I guarantee with the large amount I’ll have some for next year too 🙂 Best of all, they are top quality and very durable.
For more Holiday label products please visit their:

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Udderly Smooth – Body Cream

 Udderly Smooth – Body Cream

I love applying it before I put on my foundation in the morning, it helps keep my face moisturized all day with of course the nice smell of freshly picked Lilacs straight from our trees in the backyard. It’s great for dry faces, knees, elbows and all those rough places. I tend to get tiny cracks on my hands from washing dishes, having sensitive skin and over-washing my hands (not a big fan of germs). And best of all, it’s non-greasy.


You can apply Udderly smooth several times daily to rough, dry, cracked skin to help moisturize and soften your whole body.This stuff really works people 🙂 We are new fans of this great line of products.

Udderly Smooth was originally developed to use on Dairy Cows but now is used by folks from all over the world. Also did you know that these products contain NO milk or bovine ingredients! How cool is that?!

If you want to know more info on udderly smooth, please visit their Website


Check out my Udderly Smooth – Foot Cream Review

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

Udderly Smooth – Foot Cream

Foot cream – shea butter

*Update: December 2016*

It’s now been three years since I (H) first tried Udderly Smooth products and I still love using them to this day! I love them so much that I’ve actually got my Mom, sister and great uncle using them on a regular basis as well. This is definitely a brand I will continue to recommend which is kind of why I decided to do an update because it’s also the perfect opportunity for me to tell you how great of a Christmas gift these products would make. So fill those stockings with care, Udderly Smooth care. Be sure to stay tuned for a sweet giveaway happening soon!


I received this product to try and I am very impressed with it. I like to apply it at night before putting on a fresh pair of socks. When I wake up the next morning  my feet are usually silky soft and they really feel hydrated. With the hubby being a diabetic, we find this works well on his feet and he too enjoys using it (it doesn’t state wether its suitable or them or not so please use at your own risk)

You really don’t need much cream for awesome results and best of all it absorbs well and its non-greasy. I really enjoy the smell, it’s just like I would have freshly picked some Lilacs from our trees.
For convenience I would have added a pump that could handle the thickness of the cream without causing it to clog up.



Photo Credit: Google


It’s so gentle that even my son who has skin irritation can use it without reacting to it. It truly is a winner in our home and we plan on purchasing more of it once we run out.

For more info on this and other Udderly smooth products, visit:

  1. Facebook
  2. Website 
  3. Twitter
Check out my Udderly Smooth – Body Cream Review

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THERA°PEARL Limited Edition Pink Sports Pack


When it comes to our son getting scrapes and bruises it’s easy to find a solution to fix the pain, or should I say take his mind off of it, but what do you do for a sore belly or sore muscles? Medication isn’t called for  so do you turn to old-time remedies? Or do you apply heat/cold?
For as long as I can remember our son’s most often pain has been caused by a sore stomach. Most of the time rubbing his belly makes him feel better but there are those times that it just doesn’t cut it!
 TheraPearl has created a great product to help with those times called  THERA°PEARL Limited Edition Pink Sports Pack. You might remember a post about their back wrap that I wrote? This product is made with the same gel beads but sized for kids and more like a cold pack 🙂 I especially love that I have the choice of warming it in the microwave for those sore tummies or in the freezer for those dreaded fevers or growing pains, so pitiful!
 The fact that it’s size is  perfect for kids,  it easily covers a large area on them as well as contours to their body. I’m very happy to have this product on hand for its many uses as well for its comfort factor when it comes to our little man 🙂 It’s also great for us adults, it’s not too bulky and can basically fit anywhere you need it to.
You will find this special limited edition of the  Pink Thera Pearl for $12. you can find out more info on it here: Product info
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Mega Bloks – Billy Beats Dancing Piano

When we first received this little guy my son (3) was so excited to play with him. Billy Beats Piano sings, dances and teaches children 8 classical songs which are pre-programmed. He really is a cool little piano and best of all, the Mega Bloks that come with it have stickers that go on the bloks with different songs so little ones can learn how to play music 🙂


Billy Beats has 3 different Modes:

  1. Learning with Billy (he lights up the keys for the kids to learn the song, once complete he dances around)
  2. Free Play (which is where the child can let loose and show off their music skills)
  3. Dance with Billy ( which is Billy who is dancing and singing/playing music, kids can just Dance)
Comes in 3 different sound settings ( It also have 2 different sound levels and an Off button.)
  1. Classical Piano
  2. Wacky DJ
  3. BarnYard Animals
Comes with 3x C-Batteries. It is very durable and comes all in 1 piece. One great thing about Mega Bloks is that they all connect together so you can create a whole world of possibilities (and trust me, kids can get creative). Billy Beats Dancing Piano is ideal for Children 1-5 but I am 28 and enjoy playing with it 🙂 (giggles)
I would say that this is a must-have on your Christmas list this year. My son is sort of fussy when it comes to things keeping his attention, and this keeps him occupied for hours!! I absolutely love it and will definitely be buying my niece one this year! He’s only $45.00 canadian and can be found anywhere Mega Bloks are sold!
If you would like more information on this and other great products from Mega Bloks, please feel free to check out:
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Wasa Crispbreads

What are Wasa Crispbreads?


They are a wholesome and nutritious snack that you can enjoy anytime a day. They are hearty in flavor and deliciously crunchy which make them perfect for adding your favorite toppings. Wasa Crispbreads are available in a variety of flavors making them a delicious, versatile & healthy meal or snack!! Also they have been around since 1919, – how cool is that?!

The wholesome, all natural ingredients such as rye, salt, yeast & water used in Wasa Crispbread recipes make them naturally full of fiber (most contain at least 2 grams of fiber per serving). They are also low in fat and contain no trans fats and a lot of them do not contain any sugars, which is great for sugar restriction diets. They can be served with soups, salads, spreads, meat, veggies and whatever your taste buds desire 🙂 


Here are some of the varieties of Crispbreads that you may see around your grocer from Wasa:

Flaxseed * NEW
Whole grain
Multi grain (I enjoy this one with Jam or Peanut Butter)
Light rye
Crisp’N Light wholesome wheat cracker bread

Available at most major grocery stores, typically in the cracker aisle. You will find them for roughly $2.99 per box. They are tasty and very healthy. I find them to be very filling, even if they are so light & crisp.
The one thing about Wasa crispbreads that I would change, would be to make them in a resealable bag for more convenience.

For more Product Info on these great products, please visit one of their following social media sites:


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Do you and your #family get the #FluShot?

It’s around that time again where we are all getting sick and Flu Shots are just around the corner, so the big question I want to ask You is

“Do you & your family (kids included) get the “flu shot” every year?” , If so why do you believe it’s so important??

And for those of you who don’t get the Flu Shot, why not? Can you explain it to us? 🙂 Thank you so much.


Image courtesy of cooldesign at

The reason that I am asking is because I am actually torn between the decision and would like some feedback  of what you all think is the reasonable answer!!!

I would really love to hear everyone’s comments on this subject as I think that it is an important one!
I really appreciate you stopping by and feel free to share this post if you like 🙂


Dempsters Gluten Zero Bread Review

  I’m sure I’ve said it before but when it comes to the array of gluten free product choices I have they’re slim, I’m talking 2 grocery stores with an isle that has vegan and organic products as well, so you can just imagine my options! It’s nice to have multiple choices when it comes to food and thankfully the big name companies that I loved before my diagnosis are making that possible by introducing gluten free products .


  Canada Bread Co. Ltd. which is 90% owned by Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Is one of those companies and has recently launched a new line of gluten free bread known as “Dempsters Gluten Zero” bread that has hit the shelves of major retailers this November and can be found in the bakery isle, yup the bakery isle! You’re probably thinking it should be frozen as other gluten free breads right? Wrong! Gluten Zero breads are vacuum sealed at the point of baking, locking in moisture and freshness allowing the bread to be stored unopened for 21 days on the shelf as well as for 5 days on the counter after opening. I recommend keeping it in the fridge though, as I found mine to be drying out by the second day on the counter.


  They currently have two types of bread available, white and 100% whole grain, which are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility and have been certified as safe, 100% gluten free products by the Canadian Celiac Association! To be honest I wasn’t too sure about the whole grains and my Celiac but gave it a try nonetheless and am very happy to say I had NO pain 🙂 Gluten Zero breads are a heavy, more filling gluten free bread and I was extremely impressed by this quality as I don’t find gluten free food very filling! Another great quality that these breads have is their texture, soft yet spongy like a loaf I would have made, ok the mother in law makes 😉


  I really like that Dempsters has made gluten free living easier (option wise) with their new line of breads and that they’ve made them great for us Diabetics as well with the little amount of sugars and fats and best of all 0 trans fats 🙂 Dempsters did an amazing job with their new line of gluten free bread as it’s great for sandwiches, french toast, grilled cheese and just plain old buttered bread and is most definitely a bread I’ll be filling my freezer with! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their “everything bagel” might be their next yummy gluten free option, yum 🙂

  To learn more about Dempsters Bakery Gluten Zero products please visit their website at:

 Disclosure: *I was kindly provided these products for the purpose of an honest review, No monetary compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not endorsed by the company!


Pure Hazelwood Review

Having multiple diseases and ailments I find myself in a lot of physical pain on an every day basis, be it my muscles, my bones, my kidneys or my stomach, something always aches! Unfortunately for me, I’m unable to take medication that contains any type of anti-inflammatory so I more or less have to cope with it and sometimes coping is a difficult task!

 I recently came across an amazing company that produces All natural, Handmade & 100% Canadian Hazel wood products by the name of Pure Hazelwood. What might this have to do with pain you ask? Well, researchers have proven that for many years Native Americans have been using Hazelwood to treat various diseases as well as helping with teething pain and to prevent cavities. The fact that nature has been used for millions of years for medicinal purposes has made me believe that this is the most healthy way to relieve my symptoms 🙂
Pure Hazelwood produces necklaces and bracelets for the entire family, please be sure to use caution with young children though as the jewelry is not meant to go in the mouth! Not only do they make jewelry they also make Hazelwood moisturizing lotion which is Paraben-Free, as well as Hazel wood zinc ointment. Both of these products are infused with the antioxidant extract Corylus cornuta which is derived from the Hazelwood tree.
The day I received my necklace I was super excited to try it on but more so to see if these types of jewelry actually worked as I’ve never tried anything like this before and had been suffering from back pain for a few days that was starting to cause my legs to ache, ever get that “spreading pain”? I can not express how utterly in awe I was to find my back pain dissipating within an hour of having the necklace on, no joke! Don’t get me wrong, the pain didn’t “go away” but it was a lot less painful standing up than it had been before I put it on and by that evening I was able to lay comfortably in bed which wasn’t possible the night before. It’s now been a few days that I’ve been wearing my necklace and I’m very happy to report that I have been able to get up in the morning and go out my day with little to no pain 🙂

 I’m one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” kinda people and Pure Hazelwood has made me “see it”, lol. Seriously though I have now found my new pain reliever and am referring this product to EVERYONE that suffers from daily pain and discomfort or have acid reflux, as this is another ailment that Hazel wood is great for. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂
 This wonderful company has their own HazelWood bushes that they prune, allowing the bushes to grow bigger every year and so no wildlife has to lose its home which warms my heart 🙂 I think the #1 quality about this company is that they were established by word of mouth advertising. In other words their customers spread the word, and to me that’s the best credit a company can get!
 If you liked to learn more about the many benefits of Hazel wood, read testimonials or possibly purchase one of your own please visit their :  Website
Visit them on: Twitter
Like them on: Facebook
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Dollar Shave Club (by Hubby)

I’ve never been the type to shave my face, I keep my facial hair trimmed short with an electric beard trimmer and touch up the rest with a quick swipe of my razor. With the cost of a good quality razor and blades I’m looking at $35 at least! Thanks to “Dollar Shave Club” I no longer have to worry about overpaying to “touch-up” my face 🙂

  For a monthly fee of $3.50, $6.50 or $9.50 (depending on the quality of blades you choose), you will receive a FREE handle and enough blades to last you the month. Shipping and handling charges are included in the price, making them more affordable than razors sold in major retailers 🙂
 There are three types of razors/blades to choose from, “Humble” (twin bladed) razor, “The Executive” (6 bladed razor) & “The 4X” (4 bladed) razor. The razor I was sent was the 4X (4 bladed) razor, which gave a closer shave than the razor I was previously using and smoothly glided across my skin with the help of the lubricated strips. This razor is also great for women as it pivots and yes ladies we know how much you love to use our razors 😉

  Dollar Shave Club also makes shaving cream known as “Shave Butter”. This lightweight formula contains conditioning, nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as:
*Golden Berry
*Organic Prickly Pear Cactus
*Pacific Sea Algae
*Black Willow Bark
*Vitamins A, C & E
*Oat Extract
 I personally found there to be a hint of a lemon scent to the butter, don’t worry, nothing overpowering. It doesn’t lather but works the same as a “gel” shaving cream and creates a nice creamy surface for the razor to glide across as well as helping to soften the hair,  making it easier for the blades to cut.

  Another product Dollar Shave Club makes is “One Wipe Charlies” an aloe vera infused, flushable, biodegradable, mint scented “butt wipes”. These wipes are meant to be used as a way to cleanse your behind after you’ve wiped but has many different uses such as wiping sticky hand and faces, wiping up dried messes in the car and they’re very handy to keep in the dash for on the go bathroom breaks!


  I really think this is a great product for guys that don’t want to pay overly high prices to groom themselves as well as for those that just couldn’t be bothered to shop! This would also make a great gift idea for any occasion for any man and of course the 4X for the ladies and Christmas would be a great time to try them out 🙂 #ShaveBetterShaveButter
To learn more about Dollar Shave Club please visit their sites:

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange
for an honest review, which may differ from yours.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used
personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

What November Means To Me (Hubby)

November is a month that has held a place in my Black heart (cards) since I was born, one reason being it’s the month of my birthday, lol! Seriously though, “Remembrance Day” has always been a meaningful holiday to me, I remember gathering for assemblies in the gymnasium at school to watch educational videos about war and to hear stories about the men and women who lost their lives fighting to keep US CANADIANS safe and free as we are today! I also had family members fight for our country and to this day am proud to support and thank our troops for their hard work and dedication in keeping this beautiful place I call my home and it’s people safe, we owe you our respect 🙂


 I also love this month because it’s “Diabetes Awareness Month” with November 14th being “World Diabetes Day”, as I have been a Type 1 Diabetic (insulin dependent) since the age of 4 and think that the world, Diabetics included, need to be more aware of the effects of Diabetes on the people suffering from the disease as well as the people living with the ones who have it!


This month is also “Movember”, the month where men shave their facial hair then let it grow back for the month, helping raise awareness about prostate cancer as well as donations to charities such as Prostate Cancer Canada. As a man I can say it’s a bit uncomfortable having a prostate exam, but I would rather feel a moment of unease and be able to prevent a serious problem from occurring than just hoping for the best! I absolutely recommend that every man go for his yearly physical!


 This is also the month of Universal Children’s Day (Nov. 20th). A day that raises awareness and recognizes the rights of children worldwide, to have a bright, healthy future 🙂 Every child has the right to grow up in a healthy environment with good food to eat, clean water to drink and materials to expand their minds!


So for me November is a time to remember 🙂 Remember to keep an eye on my health & share my knowledge about my diseases, as men aren’t immune! Remember to be thankful for my freedom as well as the men & women responsible for it. And to always remember that the kids of the world are our future!