Kittens raised by me with help from family

Well I guess its about time that I write a post on here about the kittens. Some of you may know which kitties I am talking about, but for those of you who don’t know the story, please let me share it with you. Here it goes!!!

24 days ago today, ( October 5th, 2013) my dad was doing some end of the year yard-work when he found 4 abandoned kittens outside, only a few days old. It was so cold out and they were in a really bad spot, so they decided the best and only person who would take them in would be me. We all immediately fell in love with those little bundles of cuteness. So this is actually where Our journey begins……..


I was unsure of what to do first, all I knew is they needed a place to sleep and something to eat (and with a 3-year-old, I was bound to have “baby” things kicking around). I first thought of the Syringe that you take/measure medicine with, we had like 3 of them so I took that and we used it. My sister was first to feed them and it went okay, but of course we had no clue how much they even should be eating. After we got them all settled, we had a lot of researching to do. I love Google for this reason, whatever I need an answer to google can usually give me one, so we took some notes and sorta had an idea what to do with them..We also came to the conclusion that they were roughly 8-10 days old when we found them. Their eyes were still closed…


This is what they looked like when they first arrived!:

IMG_1287Β we1

Sunday was when I started realizing little things like the first time I fed them I was so nervous and stressed, it really wasn’t going good and I actually couldn’t do it. I had to get my sister to come help. We together thought “Hey maybe the Snot-Sucker would be a better alternative to the Syringe” and she was right, they drank from it like a bottle and I found it to be easier. I had actually fed them myself, what an accomplishment though πŸ™‚ …That night we also gave them a bath because they were a little stinky and dirty. All went all but I was a little exhausted, especially since I had to feed them every 2 hours… Yeah I know right?!!! lol…


Monday is when my Mom went to the pet shop to get milk and the proper bottle. They quickly adapted to it, which I found nice not having 3 different cups and syringes etc…just 1 bottle, heat it up and its ready to go for all 4 of them. They were just the sweetest little things with their tiny ears and faces! We always bundle them up to feed them.




Here’s a few things that have happen since. There’s this one little guy, he’s all grey and is as cute as a button. He happens to be the one my sister and niece like so they are taking her! Anyways one day I had to take the hubby down to the hospital and it was their feeding time so I asked my mom if she could come over to feed them for me this time. When she came over she said one of the kitties had his head stuck through one of the handles trying to get out (we first used a Pampers box), he was okay thankfully but I noticed for that night and most of the next day, he wasn’t eating much/properly, thankfully the day after he was back to himself and ate quite a bit that morning πŸ™‚ That is when I knew I had to get a taller box with no handles…Luckily I had one and it soon became their new “living area”. So that was incident No.1 with her. Also just so everyone knows, we had a room where we keep them locked up so our other cats or kids can’t hurt them!..



This next one is a little heartbreaking, but know there’s still a happy ending. One night my son just had his bath and we went to feed them before he went to bed. Well I was sitting there feeding this cute little grey one which my sister named Lucky from the start (because they were found and saved) anyways he was in a blanket and was the last one to eat, the others were running around on the floor. One of them peed and one was running behind the couch and the other was trying to eat litter…everything happened so fast and to this day I am not 100% sure what happened, but I asked Riley to get me some paper towels and I was trying to get the one from going behind the couch and when I looked back Β Lucky’s arm were sticking out of the blanket not moving and the rest of him was under the blanket…Β I instantly got upset and started crying, I grabbed the kitten and sent my son out of the room. Lucky was barely moving, his eyes had a dead stare in them and he was breathing so heavily. I was sure she was taking her last few breaths and that she was gonna die 😦 .. I cuddled her and cried and Really prayed that she would make it..I swaddled her up in the blanket and laid with her for a good hour, when she started to purr normally and tried to get up out of the blanket. I was SO relieved that she seemed to be okay. I put her down to make sure none of her legs or back was broken (We are gonna assume that among the craziness of the kitties running around, one of us may have not seen him and stepped on him, although this is only an assumption, I think its safe to say its a good one), thankfully she was okay and nothing seemed to be broke. I thought about keeping her by herself for the night but then thought “she’s been with her siblings since day 1 so I am gonna try her with them) and she did great. The next morning she was still a bit shaken up but by the end of the night she was back to her silly self!!!Β So to make a long story short, she almost didn’t make it but miraculously pulled through..I am very thankfulβ™₯


Then the little bugger climbed out of her bin where they used to sleep, so I had to upgrade their bed (giggles). Once they outgrow this one, I think it will be time to give them away! We predicted around the first or second week of November they should be good to go to new homes.

It sure is an adventure with them everyday and I am going to miss them when they are gone. We decided to keep one of them since day 1 because Riley just loves them, but it will take some getting used to from our other 2 cats which think they own the house LOL.. (any other cat owners have this problem?)


I will keep everyone up-to-date with this little journey, as the time is winding down, another 2 weeks left with them, maybe a bit more. I would like them gone before Christmas though because I just couldn’t handle 5 cats running around (giggles)

Stay tuned for more updates!~




Here is the 2nd batch of babies from the same stray cat




23 responses to “Kittens raised by me with help from family

  1. Thank you for sharing this story and for your kindness to these kittens. It’s so good to read about compassion for animals.

  2. Faye MacNaughton

    Holly- Tears are bursting from my eyes after I read this beautiful story ! This should be published in papers somewhere to show the kindness of a young woman with a little boy and already looking after 2 other cats! This is a remarkable story and YOU should be so proud !!

  3. I never heard back if you received the coupon for the purina one. I am so glad all the kitties are well and do not worry about the other 2 older cats. TI have 3 but when it was only 2 (the others S.D. (sh.. disturber and Slash were 3 years old) I brought in Satan as a tiny kitten. There was hissing and an occasional swat but never hard and no nails. It is just irritation and the change in the hierarchy that the older cats are protesting about. The most important thing to know is the older ones with NEVER EVER actually hurt the kitten. After about a week they will groom it let it eat first and pretty much let it rule the roost. The other cats will want/demand more attention and eventually they will co-exist.with the new comer. S.D. hates Satan so much . the kitten follows him everywhere and copies everything he does and this ticks S.D. off to no end. He his constantly growling hissing and eventually running to hide from the kitten. Too funny.. Good luck!

  4. AW… big sappy sweet and wonderful. I love that you took so much time and tender care of these kittens. How adorable are they? So cute.

  5. I just love baby kittens, and many years ago, had the chance to see kittens being born and the mommy taking over, in a brisk manner. Was So cute!! You did a great job! πŸ™‚

  6. Awe, you did such a great thing. I love the picture of your son holding the kitten in the blanket.

  7. Wow! You put in so much work for the kittens. We tried to take care of a newborn bunny but unfortunately it was not successful :/ However, it is wonderful that you helped them:)

  8. I just love your story. The kittens are adorable and I would have had to keep one too! We have always had cats since I was little and even had two stray momma kitties deliver their kittens in my parents living room. They are wonderful creatures and I just love them to bits.

  9. This is so cute! Wish I could have a kitten, but my older cats would be pretty upset with me πŸ˜‰

  10. Awwwwww…Unfortunately living on the farm here I have found many an abandoned litter of kittens that i have taken care of. Some make it and some don’t It’s heartbreaking when they don’t make it but I keep doing it. Thanks for sharing this story πŸ™‚

  11. so cute

  12. Shirley OFlynn

    Thank you for sharing this story. The kittens are adorable.

  13. Shannon Gnocato

    Those are pretty darn near the cutest things I have ever seen. I’m definitely not a huge cat person but these could probably win me over!

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