Tide Pods Review

 Yogurt, ketchup, mustard and blueberries are a few of the items that end up on our little ones clothes,  so laundry is a daily routine in our house.  Being as go-go-go as we are, taking the time to pre-treat, add laundry soap & bleach is a way longer process than the little one wants to wait for (giggles). Tide Pods are the greatest time saving laundry product invented for parents, as well as anyone with a hectic schedule. They’re conveniently packaged into three compartments with the deliciously scented Tide laundry soap we all know and love, a brightener and a stain remover for the times your food jumps off your plate 😉
We are trying to save money wherever possible we only use cold water! Tide Pods dissolve just as good as any other laundry soap we’ve used so there are no worries of your clothes being left with a film on them!
I love the fact that I only need one pod to wash a large load of clothes as most of the time I was having to use 2-3 caps of liquid soaps, and we all know how much laundry you see in the run of a day when you have kids.
  Tide Pods are a new staple in my laundry room from here on out! Not only are they a huge time saver but they are also an affordable price, check your sales and in-store promotions and don’t forget to check P&G’s site for coupons.


Laundry soap’s normally contain chemicals, some known as a surfactants (stain removers/brighteners) that disolve certain types of soils and clean many types of materials, as well as dyes and perfumes which are very hard on our sons psoriasis. We’ve tried many different “All Natural” & “Hypoallergenic” laundry products but didn’t have the convenience of getting them while I was out and about at the mall!
  Tide has made shopping for these products easier by creating  “Free & Gentle” laundry soap, available in major retailers across Canada. This gentle soap is free of harsh chemicals like the ones mentioned above as well as perfumes which is working great for the little one 🙂 I love the way his clothes come out looking bright and clean and that he hasn’t had any breakouts since we’ve started using it, I do however find that the soap seems a bit watery compared to regular laundry soap but I’ve found this before with “Hypoallergenic” soaps, I’ll assume that it’s the lack of additives?
  Tide “Free & Gentle” is most definitely a product I would recommend to new moms, moms-to-be or anyone with skin sensitivities as well as animal shelters, we use Free & Gentle to wash the baby kitties bed clothes as well 🙂
  For more information on Tide “Free & Gentle” and other laundry products please visit their website
Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

5 responses to “Tide Pods Review

  1. Good review but I’m still scared to use those pods… I’m scared that it will stain all of my clothes! I read that somewhere and never got over it. I only use them when I wash my towels…

  2. I love Tide Pods! They are my favourite washing product these days!

  3. I prefer tide free and gentle (works on my son’s cloth diapers lol) or regular tide. Tide pods are quite the innovation but I still prefer the detergent.

  4. I love the tide pods. They even work in cold water. I was afraid they would not dissolve all the way but they did.

  5. Great review I love tide but i have not tried the pods yet.

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