100th Review Giveaway

Come help Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom celebrate our 100th Review by having a Huge Giveaway with lots of prizes for ya’s… I will be giving away:

1. Elite Serum Rx (arv $89.95)
2. SnackBox (arv $40)
3. 3 winners will get a FREE bag of World’s Best Cat Litter each ($30)
4. Candy Meister (arv $15)
5.  Tetley Tea = Free Coupon (with no expiry) (arv $8)
6. Deep Relief Prize Pack (arv $75)

Over $250 worth of stuff!!! YAY… Please help me spread the word!! We want everyone to be included!! Contest starts October 20th 2013 and Ends on November 3rd, 2013

  • A total of 8 winners will be selected 🙂
  • 6 Different Prizes to be won
  • Over $250 in Prizes

A huge thanks to our Sponsors:

  1. Elite Serum
  2. Tetley
  3. Worlds Best Cat Litter
  4. Candy Meister
  5. Deep Relief
  6. Snack Box

And a special thanks to My #Blogger Friends helping me out with this:



229 responses to “100th Review Giveaway

  1. Great giveaway!Congtrats!

  2. all are good but I love my kitty and he loves World’s Best !

  3. serum is awesome, i could use it for my eyes bad lol, the snack bo is ialso oooooo cause it’s food… i like food which is also why i wouldnt put my nose up at the candy lol

  4. would love to win deep relief and thank you

  5. Deep Relief!

  6. Tetley love there products there fantastic.

  7. deep relief sounds nice for my sore neck

  8. love this ❤

  9. I would love to win the Deep Relief prize!

  10. I would love to win the Candy Meister being diabetic & a love for candies I would have no guilt with candies from here =)

  11. Colleen Brisbin

    I would like to win anything, but the cat litter, lol

  12. I’d like to win the SnackBox!

  13. …SnackBox please.

  14. I’d love to win World’s Best Cat Litter, because, right now, I think Kitty Princess is putting up with world’s worst.

  15. I have Fybromyalga, I would really love the deep pain releif

  16. CANDY!!!

  17. Deep Relief… Congrats!! You guys are doing great!!

  18. Elite Serum Rx

  19. well, fostering 6 kittens and a Momma cat on top of my own 2 baby boys, I’d have to go with the litter! 🙂

  20. the deep pain relief:)

  21. wonderful prizes, Thanks You

  22. I’d love to win the Candy Meister 🙂

  23. elite serum

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