Second-Hand stuff, Yay or Nay?

I would really appreciate everyone’s opinions and answers on this question! 🙂


Question: Are you someone who is perfectly fine with getting something second-hand or do you prefer everything to be brand new?

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Looking forward to all the different opinions 🙂


24 responses to “Second-Hand stuff, Yay or Nay?

  1. Chandra Christine O'Connor

    Im fine with second hand especially clothes, My kids never would have had the clothes they did without it. I am a value village shopper love finding treasures there.

  2. I love finding wonderful things that are second hand. It feels good to buy something for a few bucks that i could never afford to buy new.

  3. It depends. Some things I prefer brand new. But, when it comes to baby clothes, since most are rarely worn anyways, gently used is perfect. Otherwise, you spend a lot of money and the child hardly wears the clothes.

  4. Second hand all the way!

  5. I love second hand stuff ! (:

  6. for the most part, i’m a second hand person. i have things i wouldnt have otherwise.

  7. I haven’t bought anything new for myself (except sneakers) for many years. My thirteen year old grand-daughter has been brought up and dressed on second-hand clothes, toys and many other little oddities. The only time any of us get “NEW” is at Christmas.

  8. I love second hand, sometimes you can find a wonderful treasure, and I also like to pass things on when we get too much stuff.

  9. i thrift shop regularly … if i can find it second hand at a discount price them i save money . i am on a limited income and so prices must be sales … cetain items obviously must be new such as winter outer wear , boots , undies and socks .. i enjoy remaking furniture with paints or tiles or collage effects , have created lovely pieces through the years .. am blessed with an artistic brain !

  10. I always look for second hand stuff first, to an extent. It depends what it is, but anything that can be second hand, is fine unless it is in good condition

  11. Trina Tom Goodwin

    Second hand is awesome i say yay !!!

  12. I don’t mind second hand at all, I love going to thrift stores

    • As an adult I don’t think it matters. For a child sometimes it can. We shop for ourselves and try to buy for the little one but we’ve found brand new stuff at second hand shops so it’s great. Kind of like a yard sale when you stumble upon a vintage item. ~J~

  13. I love second hand stuff as long as its in good condition. Recycling Rocks!!

    • I totally agree! I have no problem buying NEW stuff for my child but when it comes to me buying new stuff I’m cheap, lol! I refuse to pay $35+ for a pair of jeans especially beacause a lot of time you’re paying for name rather than the quality 😦 ~J~

  14. Wendy Arnott

    When I was driving taxi, I bought all my work clothes second hand as the summer sun faded out all the dresses and sunscreen stained my tops. Winter I was buried under layers and jackets were washed so often that new would have been a waste. With a change in positions I now buy new at Old Navy. Anything electrical is always new in my home, dad volunteered with a fire dept. for many years growing up and friends lost all they owned to a house fire caused by a second hand freezer. I have bought second hand Tupperware, frying pans, pots, an aquarium with accessories, bird cages, pet carriers.. books and purses though I tend to skip Value Village in favor of smaller thrift shops that support hospice societies and other charities.

    • We’re sorry to hear about your friends! We never thought about second hand appliances being dangerous. The owners got rid of it for a reason whether it be a new appliance or that something’s wrong with it! Thanks for the thought provoking comment 🙂 ~J~

  15. I buy almost everything second hand. Better for the environment and our wallet.

  16. I’d give anything to have a house full of new things….especially a nice comfy bed and couch…and dressers that don’t fall apart everytime you pull out a drawer…..I have lived with second hand stuff all my life….it’d be nice to have some new stuff….

    • I (J) grew up with second hand stuff and I totally understand where you’re coming from. We shop second hand or dirt cheap so that the little one can ALWAYS have nice/new stuff but we’ve found things that were brand new and still had price tags on it for ourselves. I have no problem buying second hand as it allows us to spend our money on the little one. Kids clothes aren’t cheap! As long as you have some fashion sense anything can become stylish. ~J~

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